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Seven years ago, Madeleine Alizadeh started capturing her thoughts on her blog Since then, a lot has happened. At the beginning, it was mainly about beauty topics in which the now 26-year-old was interested, whereas today she is much more devoted to sustainability and fair fashion. Fitting to that, she took a trip to Salzburg’s Lungau region in which sustainability and authenticity are real and not just some words on a marketing chart.

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First, take a deep breath

Salzburg’s Lungau region shows its mystical side as Madeleine arrives, together with her friend Raffaela. Again and again, rain clouds obstruct their view of the sky. The meadows and forests are wrapped in a lush green. When inhaling, you can feel just how good the fresh air is doing your lungs. “In the Lungau region, we have not discovered any mega-tourist trails. You can go the whole day without seeing anyone. I like that”, says Maddie, who spends as much time as possible with their dog Mala in nature.

Raffaela and Madeleine in Salzburger Lungau

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And Maddie knows what she is talking about. For some time, she has dealt with topics such as fair fashion and cosmetics, along with zero waste approaches. In mid-2017, a lot has changed. According to the motto “People change, professions change”, Maddie converted with one of the most widely read German-speaking blogs into a podcast and now tells her listeners in ten-minute units, what she discovers in her “fields of interest”.

In harmony with nature

When it comes to sustainability, Salzburg’s Lungau region fits exactly into Maddie’s concept. “For me, Lungau is totally special because it is not the super popular tourist destination, but rather a real insider’s tip”, says Maddie on a trip through the sunniest region of Salzburg. This Viennese girl didn’t see the sun too much though during her visit. However, the mystical weather did not bother her at all. “I like rainy weather a lot, you simply let loose and are in harmony with nature. When you get home soaking wet, you snuggle up in the warm, drinking a hot cup of tea.”

Raffaela and Madeleine in Salzburger Lungau

© SalzburgerLand Tourism, Fräulein Floras Favourite Hangouts – Raffaela and Madeleine in Salzburger Lungau

Speaking of harmony with nature, Maddie especially enjoyed the barefoot walk through the Saumoos moor. Together with the nature guide Herby, they removed their shoes before the hike and felt pure nature on the soles of their feet. Grass, rain puddles and cold mud: “I found it especially nice that we visited an unspoilt place and did unusual things – such as trudging barefoot through the moor.”

Enjoying the trip through the forest

In Salzburg’s Lungau region, it’s quiet. On hikes and walks through the forests and the vast nature, it may happen that you will not meet another soul. This is another reason why Salzburg’s Lungau region is very special: here you can be authentic. And take a holiday which brings you back down to earth. Far away from everyday problems, you can feel the tranquillity of nature on all sides and you can taste it, too. The regional businesses put the finest herbs onto the plates.

There are many traditional types of syrup to drink – from Lavender to Stone Pine juice you can literally taste your way through the forest. The Löckerwirt Country Inn created something special for Maddie’s visit with a richly laid table of all kinds of specialities from their own garden. Along with a short visit to Jonas the herb donkey, who was not keen on leaving his cosy stable in the rain, but instead enjoyed being stroked by the blogger.

Madeleine at the Löckerwirt Country Inn

© SalzburgerLand Tourism, Fräulein Floras Favourite Hangouts – Madeleine at the Löckerwirt Country Inn

Tips for Salzburg’s Lungau region

Tip 1: Hiking around the Prebersee Lake
The Prebersee Lake and its surface tension is so popular that even Walt Disney wanted to re-create it. Unfortunately without success. Under no circumstances should one miss the Prebersee Lake Shooting. Shooters aim at the mirror image of a target in the lake, the ball bounces off the lake surface and with a little luck and a lot of skill hits the targets.

Tip 2: Barefoot hiking through the Saumoos moor
Whoever would like to experience nature in its full beauty, leaves their shoes at home and hikes through the mud. A unique experience!

Tip 3: Baking with Christina
Christina Bauer is the blogging farmer’s wife from Salzburg’s Lungau region. She passes on her knowledge in her popular baking courses. But beware: Book quickly as her courses are in high demand!

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