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Culinary Pathway for Sweet Tooth

SalzburgerLand is well-known far beyond its borders for its tradition-steeped cuisine. Here, even pampered connoisseurs experience veritable flights of fancy. A crowning conclusion of any menu, a little treat with coffee or a sweet temptation in between - you can eat sweet things on the Culinary Pathway for Sweet Tooths!

Kaiserschmarren & Mozartkugel

In a traditional pastry shop, a classic coffeehouse or in an exclusive confectionery, those who love pastries, cakes and tortes can enjoy sugary sweet surprises in SalzburgerLand. In addition to beloved classics such as apple strudel, Sacher torte and Salzburger Nockerl, this also includes creative ideas such as brightly coloured cake pops, eclectic ice-cream creations and multifaceted chocolate compositions. And freshly baked Schwarzbeernocken (bilberry dumplings) with self-collected bilberries are an unforgettable pleasure. Lots of love and very often true craftsmanship are behind these sweet marvels.

Sugary sweet temptations

From Austria’s most famous torte classics to world-spanning chocolates, from Bachwürfel to Mozartkugel: it is not without good reason that Salzburg’s confectioners, café owners and chocolatiers are known far beyond the country’s borders. And they have also long since caused an international sensation with their sweet creations and historic temptations. The chocolatey delights in SalzburgerLand have become a very special experience.

Sweet things to give as a gift

A particularly sweet memento of a holiday in SalzburgerLand: “Almsommer” organic chocolate bars from Berger Feinste Confiserie in Lofer. Filled with herbs from a Salzburg Alpine Summer, they promise an exhilarating feast for the palate.


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Good to know

Are there chocolates to bring back as souvenirs from Salzburg?

Yes, absolutely. Mozartkugeln (Mozart Balls) is the most famous and popular chocolate from Salzburg. Other varieties include Salzburg Milk Chocolate and Salzburg Pralines. Some of the best places to buy chocolate as a souvenir in Salzburg are Fürst Chocolatier, Confiserie Heindl, Art of Chocolate, and Mirabell Mozartkugeln.

What’s unique about desserts in Salzburg?

The desserts in Salzburg reflect its rich heritage and are made from various locally available ingredients. As early as the 17th and 18th centuries, masters of their trade created true architectural masterpieces. The art of confectionery was celebrated above all at the princely and stately courts. The confectioners served luxury culinary products such as the legendary Original Salzburg Mozartkugeln and thus also had a high rank in a court kitchen. The traditional recipes are still used today to preserve the tradition and identity of the region. The desserts are crafted and presented stunningly by highly skilled chefs. Since many desserts are made from fresh, local produce, they are seasonal. A prime example of this is the bilberry dumplings available in late summer.


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