© SalzburgerLand Tourismus, Fräulein Floras Favourite Hangouts – Thorsten and Marius on the way to the Birnbachloch

Best Mountain Artists

Explorers in SalzburgerLand

The mountains are the most beautiful thing in nature. At least, that’s what Thorsten and Marius find. These two live near Frankfurt and run the popular outdoor blog Best Mountain Artists. Together, they enjoy everything that nature offers them – from pleasure hikes up to multi-day mountain tours.

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Hiking, camping, drone flying

Thorsten and Marius, outdoor bloggers at Best Mountain Artists, have a shared fascination – sunrises and sunsets in the mountains. In recent years, they have put together the perfect set of equipment. In their backpacks is everything from a mobile coffee maker to the best cameras to capture the different moods. And of course also included is a small drone, which provides for a change of perspective. Whenever they can, they leave Germany and head for the Austrian Mountains along the A5.

For me, relaxation begins when I sit in the car and I know that I will soon be in the nature. – Thorsten

Thorsten and Marius at the Saalach Valley Alpine route

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus, Fräulein Floras Favourite Hangouts – Thorsten and Marius at the Saalach Valley Alpine route

Marius adds: “what fascinates me is how nature simply gives you a clear head and a sporty relaxation. And also to go where perhaps not so many others go.”

These two regularly head to SalzburgerLand as it has so many unbelievable sides. Marius is so often here for winter tours that he has secured a Salzburg Super Ski Card. “I can do my activities here 365 days a year, regardless of that’s on the glacier skiing or hiking, climbing or cycling”.

Best Mountain Artists on the way to the Passauer Hut

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus, Fräulein Floras Favourite Hangouts – Best Mountain Artists on the way to the Passauer Hut

Best Mountain Artists: highlights in SalzburgerLand

Hiking, hiking, hiking
Whoever likes hiking, will love Saalfelden-Leogang. Grass mountains, stone mountains, climbing routes and pleasure hikes are the region’s specialities. And that for beginners (for example the Saalach Valley Alpine route) up to advanced (for example to the Passauer Hut).

Fun sports
On the Saalfelden summer toboggan, childhood dreams come true. The “Summer toboggan Bibierg” runs 400 metres down into the valley and helps to easily leave 1,800 metres altitude behind you. In both the start and finish areas, you can enjoy a cool drink before or after the run, or soak up the sun on the terrace.

In Leogang, a very special Flying Fox is waiting for courageous “Flyers”. In a Superman pose, one can slide down the mountain on the longest and highest steel rope slide in the world at up to 130 km/h. When you’ve succeeded, you will leave the cable slide proudly and with shaky knees.

Sitting on the hut
For Thorsten, the dynamics at the hut is something special after a long hike – “We sit together, toast the tour and drink a wheat beer.” If there is also a special view, then there are even fewer reasons to leave this well-earned place. When arriving at the Passauer Hut or at the Biberg Berggasthof, one has really earned the views and the cool drink.

Best Mountain Artists

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus, Fräulein Floras Favourite Hangouts – Best Mountain Artists

The conclusion of the Best Mountain Artists

Still or sparkling – that fits very well to SalzburgerLand and also to Saalfelden-Leogang because here we have exactly this combination:

Firstly there are stone mountains and on the other hand the grass mountains. That is for me for example, such a mix of still and sparkling. – Thorsten

I really liked the eerie panorama that takes one’s breath away. We also had lots of fun. For example, it’s had been ages since I went summer tobogganing and I went back to being a kid again. – Marius

Saalfelden-Leogang – the second journey

In autumn, Thorsten and Marius went for the second time through the region of Saalfelden-Leogang. The change of season was very noticeable, especially in the hiking weather. First, they climbed up to the Riemannhaus in a golden, autumnal atmosphere, and the following day they blazed a trail to the Peter Wiechenthaler Hut through dense fog. A few metres further down, they swung into the saddle of an E-Mountain Bike and pedalled along on a comfortable tour to the Birnbachloch natural monument.

Marius on his way to Riemann House

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus, Fräulein Floras Favourite Hangouts – Marius on his way to Riemann House

All good things come in threes

The Best Mountain Artists already met in May for the spring, and in September for the autumn in Saalfelden-Leogang. This time it took them in winter into the snow-covered region, to try out sports, get fit and have fun. Here, Thorsten and Konstantin realised just how diverse this region is in the winter. Regardless of whether on a cross-country skiing trail as part of the Nordic Park Experience at Lake Ritzensee, or winter hiking through the snowy landscape – Saalfelden-Leogang offers the ideal activity for everyone.

Winter wonderland in Saalfelden-Leogang

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus, Fräulein Floras Favourite Hangouts – Winter wonderland in Saalfelden-Leogang

Best Mountain Artists in SalzburgerLand Explorers in the region
Best Mountain Artists – The second trip Saalfelden-Leogang in autumn
Stairway to heaven in Saalfelden-Leogang
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