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Bauernherbst Hosts

Experience the culinary Bauernherbst

Kaspress dumpling soup, Schnapps soup, roast deer, mushroom goulash, smoked trout, herby cheese, strudel, pofesen and much more...

Bauernherbst hosts are easily recognisable by the Bauernherbst hay ball in the entrance area. At this time, they put special Bauernherbst delicacies on the table.  On their menus you will find traditional dishes prepared from freshly harvested and local specialities and refined with fresh herbs. Specialities of game and sheep or the Pinzgau beef provide tasty regional enjoyment. Kasnocken, pumpkin specialities, farmer’s doughnuts sweet or savoury, bacon, sausage and cheese, Kaspress dumplings

Here, you will find all the Bauernherbst hosts who will spoil you with culinary delicacies and also a few selected recipes.

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