Karin Buchart with herbs
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The Healing Power of Herbs

On the Alpine pastures and in the gardens of SalzburgerLand, healing herbs thrive. Some passionate herbalists have even developed their own herbal routes. From dandelion to goutweed to meadowsweet, is known for its medicinal properties.

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Whether Goutweed, Meadowsweet or Sage – more than 200 medicinal herbs thrive in SalzburgerLand. Nature’s healing all-rounders grow in monastery gardens, on Alpine pastures or in farm gardens and do well. The knowledge about the respective effects, how to harvest them and the application of these herbs is essential. Good then that the herbalists and herb experts in the city and in the countryside know exactly which herb grows for what complaints. In addition to healing, the focus is also on prevention: Which plants promote personal well-being? From which medicinal herbs can delicious dishes be produced which taste great and at the same time do good?

TEH (Association for Traditional European Medicine)

For all these questions, there is a place in Salzburg with all the collected knowledge and useful experience required. The TEH (Association for Traditional European Medicine) has taken on the task of writing down and preserving ancient healing knowledge for the next generations. The fascination of Healing Herbs is passed on in seminars and workshops.

From Ribwort to Rosemary

The native traditions of the power of herbs are the basis of the healing knowledge of herbs and plants such as ribwort, violets and rosemary. Fine ointments, fine tinctures and savoury delicacies are conjured up from these gifts of nature. These delicate herbs also play an important role with highly acclaimed top-class Chefs, where they are an integral part of the kitchen.

Herb Garden Visits

More than 200 medicinal herbs thrive in all facets on the herbal routes in SalzburgerLand. Interested visitors can admire these gardens and paths. With great attention to detail and a large dose of passion, the herbalists have created small (herbal) paradises. They take their guests on an exciting journey of discovery into the world of medicinal herbs.

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