Bad Gastein

Bad Gastein: Alpine health region with healing thermal waters.
Bad Gastein: Alpine health region with guaranteed endless skiing pleasure.

On the steep slopes of the waterfall skyscrapers line up close together - this is reminiscent of a skyline and what gave Bad Gastein the name "Village of Skyscrapers".

On the steep slopes of the waterfall skyscrapers line up close together - this is reminiscent of a skyline and what gave Bad Gastein the name "Village of Skyscrapers".

The historic construction development meant that the centre of Bad Gastein is now high above the valley. If you take the car park lift up over 11 floors, you overcome a portion of the difference in altitude. Through tight, narrow streets visitors explore the centre of Bad Gastein and marvel at the historic homes and hotels in the style of the houses and hotels of the Belle Epoque. Experience the hospitality of the locals. Enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the Gastein Valley.

Alpine health region

In centuries past “Bouad Goschdei”, as the locals call it, was known as Wildbad Gastein. Long bathing times and spa stays of over six weeks were already popular in the middle ages. The Gastein Healing Cave is known as a natural healing accompaniment for rheumatism and other diseases.

Healing thermal water

The healing power of the Gastein thermal baths attracted Princes from all over Europe to the hot springs. In those days, wooden gutters brought the thermal water directly into the guest houses.  For the neighbouring Bad Hofgastein, the thermal water was filled into barrels and delivered on the horse-drawn carriage. Already in the year 1830, a pipe delivered the thermal water to Bad Hofgastein. Today, the rock spas invite you to recuperate.

A waterfall in the village

There are waterfalls in the town centre, which flow through the city centre and which many painters use as a motive. The water falls about 340 metres downwards over three levels. The atomised water ions are what make the air in Bad Gastein so healing.

Hotels in Bad Gastein such as the Straubinger Hotel provide majestic stays. In this manor house, none other than chef Eckart Witzigmann began his career as a chef’s apprentice.

Sports paradise Gasteinertal

The direct connection to the Ski Amadé guarantees endless skiing enjoyment. The Stubnerkogelbahn takes you up to 2,250m. The Schlossalm-Angertal-Stubnerkogel ski area is located in the immediate vicinity.

In summer, the surrounding mountain regions offers numerous possibilities: hiking, biking, road biking, E-bike tours and active recreation in a picturesque landscape are what make Bad Gastein so special. The 18-hole golf course is ideal for golf lovers.





Kur- und Tourismusverband Bad Gastein
Kaiser Franz Josef-Str 27
5640 Bad Gastein


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