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As guests of the producers

Tasting, helping out or just enjoying.

Really good food! For many, this simply belongs to one’s holiday. SalzburgerLand is well known for its top culinary addresses, in addition to the magnificent scenery that all year round really fulfils all wishes and the particularly warm hospitality,

It’s no wonder, as the agriculture here has always been a part of the highly valued heritage. The farmers go about their work with passion and reverence, and their attachment to tradition in combination with their openness for modern developments blend together wonderfully. Whether organic or conventional farming, the farmers and producers form the basis of top culinary delights with their experience and respect for what the land produces. When the Lungauer Eachtling (a particularly robust potato variety), the Tauern rye or fish from Lake Fuschl are made into special dishes, one can happily rave about them all day long.

Rose breakfast for organic gourmets

To be exact, a Salzburg organic breakfast. The trail leads through the picturesque landscape of Pinzgau, and on up to Fusch. His “Majesty”, the Großglockner is not far away and the surrounding mountains, the gentle Alpine pastures and crystal-clear streams set the scenery, in the midst of which sits the BiJo Farm. Birgit and Josef Schattauer have fulfilled their dreams here and gladly pass on to their guests their natural life in harmony with nature. Birgit welcomes her guests with a warm “Griaß di” and takes them right into her rose garden. The aroma is bewitching thanks to the countless roses blooming around the lovingly restored family farm. Birgit is dedicated to the rose and in her Rose Café everything revolves around this delicate flower. There she serves rose tea, rose cakes and delicate cupcakes with rose topping. Organic farming is completely natural for her and her husband Josef. The meadow geese and the ZeBu cattle are also farmed according to this natural philosophy. People come from far and wide to the BiJo Farm, to listen to the stories, to experience the power of the surrounding nature and to enjoy the homemade delicacies. With this wonderfully relaxed feeling and a basket full of pink gifts, the pleasure journey continues on…

A snack for meat lovers

The Schöppl Butchery is well known as a real insider’s tip for meat lovers. The “Pinzga Bacon village“, a deli full of meat and sausage specialities, is located very close to the Krimml waterfalls. Here, the master butcher Schöppl personally shows off his own creations. The bacon is cured with apple pomace straight from the Bramberger apple press, which gives it its characteristic spicy flavour. For five generations, the Schöppl family has been highly valued as Grandmasters of Butchery and have received countless awards for their craft. The Pinzgauer Almwuschz’n, fine home-made sausages finished with Pinzgauer forest honey, are a real meat lovers treat.

Ein großes Stück Fleisch am Hacken

© SalzburgerLand Tourism – juicy, fresh meat

An experience for beer and schnapps lovers

In addition to the traditional breweries, which include the Augustiner Brewery in Mülln, young brew-masters have excelled in recent years with their delicious new beers. Real beer lovers enjoy the very drinkable delights on offer from Gusswerk, the Trumer private brewery and on to the Pinzgau Brewery with their versatile craft beers. In the Asitz Brewery high above Leogang, beer lovers enter the highest brewery in Europe. At around 1,760 metres above sea level, the Brewhouse explains the secret of brewing beer. Here you can also taste the beer! Speaking of tastings, for all lovers of hard liquor the many schnapps distilleries have their fine schnapps at the ready. Such as in the Guglhof distillery in Hallein, where Anton Vogl I. already created his first Gin made from juniper berries back in the 1930s. Anton Vogl III took over the tradition with his passion for handed down recipes and individual new creations, and is well known today for his award winning GIN-Alpine as well as for the highly acclaimed Guglhof vintage schnapps. Only the finest fruit and best herbs are allowed into the schnapps and fine spirits, whether they are the delicately almond, wild cherry schnapps or high-proof sloe gin.

Schnapsbrennerei mit umgefallenem Schnapsglas

© SalzburgerLand Tourism, High-proof pleasure

Delicacies from the Salzburger Alpine summer & culinary stops in winter

Taste sensations run right through all the regions of SalzburgerLand and even up onto the Alpine pastures. For centuries, the Alpine huts served as accommodation for the herdsmen and dairymaids when they spent their summer with the cattle on the Alpine meadows. Although modern comfort today provides electricity and running water, some traditions have been preserved. The fresh milk is used to produce delicious butter, curd and cheese which are then either sold directly on the Alpine pasture or delivered down to the valley. Around the huts, healing Alpine herbs thrive and are collected and dried according to ancient knowledge. The herbal pastures around the Hochkönig are known for this Alpine herb experience. When Mother Nature covers the Alpine pastures with a thick blanket of snow, the ski huts entice with real pleasure in good Salzburgerish. On a stop-off in a hut, enjoy a portion of Kasnockn direct from the cast iron pan and for dessert a fine farmer’s doughnut.

Connoisseurs have lots to “taste”

To move from one taste sensation to the next is something connoisseurs must get used to when visiting SalzburgerLand. Hardly a host has said goodbye before you move onto the next top culinary address. A must visit is Döllerers Genusswelten in Golling. Located right on the historic market square, aside from the gourmet restaurant there are also the Inn, the in-house butcher and deli, Döllerers Enoteca and wine store from top chef Andreas Döllerer, all of which make this a paradise for connoisseurs. In his Alpine Cuisine, Döllerer combines the traditional dishes of his homeland with his own refreshing new creations. His menu of creations is raved about by connoisseurs.

Wein, Gedeck, Hauptspeise

© SalzburgerLand Tourism, Delicious Gourmet Dish

Cheese lovers in their element

After this excellent taste adventure, a visit to Nikki Rettenbacher, high above the Tennengau, is also well worth a visit. On his organically farmed prince’s court, visitors can help out with stirring the cheese in the copper cauldron and watch as the pioneer of cheese spreads mixed Alpine herbs onto an organic cheese wheel. The herbs all around the farm combine especially well with the spicy cheese – hmmm, these wonderful herbs! For real cheese connoisseurs, there are thirteen top culinary addresses to experience in SalzburgerLand. Günther Naynar is also known as a real pioneer of the cheese art, with as much passion as Nikki Rettenbacher. In Göriach, in the Salzburger Lungau region, he is committed to Organic cheese art. His fine organic raw milk creations, from his Tilsiter to his Lungauer Camembert, his goat’s cheese specialities with Larch wood ash, Juniper needles or Masterwort are what make his cheeses so extraordinary. On the Hiasnhof, he follows his own philosophy and does not allow himself to be affected by the hustle and bustle of commerce. This calm and passion, with which he pursues his trade, can be tasted in every bite.

© SalzburgerLand Tourism, Hearty cheese sprinkled with herbs

To ‘Fish’ on the lake terrace

The numerous possibilities for delicious experiences are as diverse as SalzburgerLand with its landscape, majestic mountains, lush green Alpine pastures, picturesque valleys and deep blue lakes. SalzburgerLand has lots to offer true fish fans, with its fish-rich waters, the pure rivers and crystal clear lakes. There, fresh fish from the Fuschl Palace fishery is served directly on the lakeside terrace. The palace fishermen head out very timely with their boats just before sunrise. It sounds almost mystical.

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