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9 blogger tips for the Grossarltal

Nine influencers in the midst of alpine pastures and adrenaline rushes

Not for nothing is the Grossarltal nicknamed the "Valley of the Alpine Pastures". Around 40 managed alpine huts invite you to stop, rest and also in some, to stay overnight. Nine influencers spent four days in the region and experienced exciting things in the nature between mountains and valleys. For your next stay in the Grossarltal, they give the following tips.

#1 Check in at the Nesslerhof

Those who hike a lot have to replenish their energy reserves. The ideal recharging station is the Nesslerhof in Grossarl, as it has everything you need in terms of wellness and relaxation. From the Pine sauna to the massage treatment or the brine steam bath, your every wish will be satisfied. After a long day of hiking, your mountain and hiking outfits can be exchanged for a bathrobe and slippers. Then, find your hunger while taking a dip in the brine pool and in the indoor panorama pool. And you can also look forward to dinner at the Nesslerhof. The multi-course menu spoils your taste buds and strengthens you for the next day, because your next tour is already on the way. Due to its location in the town centre, the Nesslerhof is an ideal starting point for various hikes.

#2 A mountain tour on the Schuhflicker

The Schuhflicker, it is said, apparently gets its name from two cobblers that were turned to stone on this mountain of the same name. They preferred to go up the mountain on Sunday, rather than to church. But you can’t blame them when you see the panorama view at the summit. The influencers start from the Aualm (1,795 m) towards the summit and discover individual snowfields along the way. After about 1.5 hours hiking, the goal is reached at 2,214 metres in the warm evening light, and the valley now lies at their feet. An exact description of the Schuhflicker hike can be found here.

© SalzburgerLand Tourism, Fräulein Flora – the Schuhflicker in the Grossarltal

#3 Heralding the Salzburg Alpine Summer

The alpine summer is a real tradition in SalzburgerLand. Every year in June, it is heralded on an alpine hut as part of a roaring festival. The influencers are in the region at the right time and visit the Alpine Summer opening on the Loosbühelalm. Here, regional delicacies are tasted, carving art is demonstrated and traditional music is listened to. By the way, the “heralding” of the alpine summer is done literally, as when the big alpine summer bells sound, the alpine summer in SalzburgerLand is officially opened.

© SalzburgerLand Tourism, left: Florian Kolbe, right: Lars Schmucker – Alpine Summer opening 2019

#4 Hiking along the Salzburger Alpine Trail

The Salzburger Alpine Trail is a 350 km long-distance hiking trail that leads to more than 120 alpine pastures in 31 daily stages. That’s a lot! Four of these stages are located in the Grossarltal, with the ideal starting and finishing points for the hiking trails being Grossarl and Hüttschlag. The influencers are also on the Salzburger Alpine Trail and pass beautiful spots, such as the Tappenkarsee Lake, the Draugsteintörl or the Filzmoossattel. Those who hike along here forget all about stress and the hustle and bustle, with instead of traffic noise, you hear the buzzing of insects and a cowbell orchestra.

© SalzburgerLand Tourism, Daniel Schramm – Hiking along the Salzburger Alpine Trail

#5 Stopping for a ploughman’s lunch

A lot of alpine huts also means diverse cuisine in the Grossarltal. Whether it’s a short break or a full afternoon – on the alpine pastures it is often difficult to continue hiking as the huts in the region are too cosy and inviting. A hearty ploughman’s lunch is definitely a part of a real stop-off. Ham, bacon, cheese, fresh bread, spreads – everything a hiker’s heart desires! The influencers tasted their way through several huts and can recommend the Bichlalm and the Draugsteinalm-Steinmann Hut.

© SalzburgerLand Tourism, left: Fräulein Flora, right: Istvan Gerencser – Hut cuisine in the Grossarltal

#6 Admire Lake Tappenkarsee from above

Embedded deep in the valleys of the Radstätter Tauern lies Lake Tappenkarsee. Anyone who wants to take a look at this natural jewel has to really do something for it. The shortest hiking trail there takes about three hours until you see the lake for the first time. Starting from Lake Tappenkarsee, there are countless routes that lead through the surrounding mountains. For example, you can make a detour to the Tappenkarsee Hut (and stay overnight there) or hike on to the Weißgrubenkopf. The influencers start the tour towards Lake Tappenkarsee via the Karteistörl and the Draugsteintörl. From there, the lake shows its full splendour, while the mountains are reflected on its surface.

View of Lake Tappenkarsee

© SalzburgerLand Tourism, Daniel Schramm – View of Lake Tappenkarsee

#7 Watching the alpine herdsmen make sour cheese

A lot of food is produced in-house on the managed alpine pastures. Freshly baked bread, dairy products or smoked bacon – here the produce comes directly from the oven, the milk chamber or the smoking room straight onto your plate. In the Draugsteinalm-Steinhütte, the influencers take a peek behind the scenes of the food production. The herdsmen and herdswomen show them how to prepare the typical sour cheese. This is done by processing all the milk into butter and then, turning it into sour cheese in the copper cheese kettle. With a bit of background knowledge, it tastes even better!

© SalzburgerLand Tourism, FräuleinFlora – sour cheese production at the Draugsteinalm-Steinmannhütte

#8 Visit the mystical troughs

In the Ellmau Valley in Grossarl, about ten small, dark moor lakes are waiting for hikers. These so-called “troughs” are surrounded by the imposing mountains of the Hochkönig, the Tennengebirge, the Dachstein, the Radstädter Tauern and the Grossglockner. The easiest way to reach them is from the Ellmaualm along the Salzburger Alpine Trail. When the influencers arrive there, a veil of fog has been placed over the troughs. They seem particularly mystical and invite one to enjoy the silence of the mountains.

© SalzburgerLand Tourism, Fräulein Flora – hike to the troughs

#9 Enjoy the view from the Draugstein

With its 2,356 metres and limestone massif, the Draugstein stands out from the mountain world of the Grossarltal. In the midst of the grass mountains you can see its sloping north face from quite a distance and the view from the summit is equally impressive. A tour of the Draugstein can be ideally combined with other hiking destinations in the Ellmau Valley. Along the way, there are numerous alpine pastures and destinations, such as the Filzmoossattel. But before you descend, be sure to leave enough time for photos, as they look particularly impressive from up there.

© SalzburgerLand Tourism, Thomas Wirnsperger – Draugstein

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