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Magdalena and Anja are not classic outdoor bloggers. These two Munich girls are always looking for that special challenge, the extreme. This can involve tackling a 5,000m mountain or challenging trails. The girls also found sport and variety in Flachau, where they spent three days and discovered the most beautiful parts of the region.

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Let’s go on an adventure!

A Spartan Race, a marathon at 5,000 metres, or climbing in the Himalayas. Magdalena and Anja love challenges and regularly go to their (physical) limits. On their blog “You Are An Adventure Story“, they regularly take their readers along on their adventurous trips and tours across Europe and the whole world. These two love to break out of everyday life and follow their dreams. Maggy and Anja also dreamed of participating in the Spartan Ultra Beast in Hawaii (over 41km of obstacle course), the 8-day conquest of Kilimanjaro, the Crossing of the Alps or mountaineering in the Himalayas. The two girls took on all these challenges and brilliantly mastered them.

You Are An Adventure Story in Flachau

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In the mountains, where I feel at home

Salzburgerland is also always on the itinerary of Maggy and Anja. For skiing, climbing or touring, these two have already been through the valleys and up on the mountains of this region. In June, they travelled to Flachau, where sports and adventure await around every corner. Just exactly as the two girls like it.

I just love the mountains, ever since I was a child and have always liked to be in the mountains. The nature and just being outside is simply a passion for me and I am always happy when I am in the mountains. – Anja

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The first tour in Flachau should have lead Maggy and Anja from the Marbachalm via the Faulkogel, the Franz Fischer Hut and Lake Tappenkarsee to Kleinarl. Should have! Because the stormy weather in the high Alpine area cut this first tour short. Safety First! For this reason, the two went halfway back towards Flachau, where a plan B had to be forged. Luckily, this region offers enough alternatives as there are attractive peaks as far as the eye can see here. From the wide valley floor and gently rising mountain ridges, on to beautiful Alpine pastures, the bloggers were spoilt for choice.

View to Franz Fischer Hut

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They finally chose the “local mountain” of Flachau, the Lackenkogel. From the Guesthouse Sattelbauer, the extended hike took about two hours to the summit at 2,051 metres. Along a forest path, the girls went to the Lackenalmen, where a short breather was taken. Two of the three huts are managed and offer refreshments. Cheese bread, bacon bread, doughnuts. With a good base, it was easier to hike further. Maggy and Anja took the last ascent on an Alpine path to the Lackenkogel and enjoyed the stunning view, the imposing mountain panorama and the dreamlike Alpine flora.

On top of Lackenkogel

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus, Fräulein Floras Favourite Hangouts – On top of Lackenkogel

For me, the highlight was seeing that one can already do real Alpine things, while also finding another super nice hike within 10 minutes. […] That is just so easy because there are so many possibilities. – Maggy

With the mountain hike still in their feet, the next day the girls climbed up onto mountain bikes and rode in the most beautiful weather, on an extensive but comfortable tour from the Guesthouse Winterbauer to the Guesthouse Sattlebauer. As per the motto “work first, then pleasure”, the bloggers were invited thereafter to try out Zorbing. With Zorbing, you slip inside a huge plastic ball and then roll down a slope at speed. The girls were visibly having fun and couldn’t stop laughing. Sports, mountain tours, leisure fun. Flachau has truly earned its nickname “The Pinnacle of Fun”.

Maggy and Anja from You Are An Adventure Story

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Flachau – the second trip

Flachau’s appearance has changed from green and snowless in summer to snowy valleys and mountains in winter when Anja and Maggy visited the region for the second time. Within three days they discovered perfect lopes at Snow Space Salzburg, had a breakfast at a lofty height and completed a professional ski tour in Flachau.

Maggy and Anja in Flachau

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You Are An Adventure Story in SalzburgerLand Explorers in the region


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