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The SalzburgerLand is like an unlimited playground for gravel bikers. To ensure you don't miss the forest for the trees, we've teamed up with the gravel regions to select a wide range of tours that offer something for everyone. Enjoy browsing and 're-graveling'.

„Dachstein Salzkammergut“


A beautiful, moderately difficult gravel tour that requires good fitness, but for which basic technical skills are sufficient. In Bad Goisern, you hop on your bike and first pedal leisurely to Weißenbach and the fork to the valley of the same name. After a warm-up phase, an ascent through the forest leads to the Chorinsky-Klause. As the last wooden flume in Austria, it is a cultural-historical monument built in 1819. Through the Ewige Wand, a spectacular route with unforgettable views, you reach the Rathlucken Hut. From there, it’s just a stone’s throw back to Bad Goisern.

Info: 29 km, 640 m elevation gain, about 2h 40min

Hallstättersee-Runde, S403

The S403 goes all around Lake Hallstättersee and is almost a bit of a gravel bike exclusive. On the west side, you have the narrow federal road, and on the other side, the gravel path along the eastern shore. A beautiful tour that takes you to all the unique places of the lake. Always with a view of Hallstatt and the nearby Dachstein.

Info: 36 km, 440 m elevation gain, about 2h 40min

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„Racing bike region SalzburgerLand-Salzkammergut, Fuschlseeregion & Lake Wolfgangsee “

The Salzkammergut Lake Monsters Gravel Tour

The “Salzkammergut Lake Monsters Gravel Tour” is a challenge for true adventurers. Starting in Fuschl am See, this demanding tour takes you through breathtaking landscapes, including Faistenau and Hintersee, over challenging climbs to Lake Wolfgangsee, past the picturesque Lake Schwarzensee and with impressive views of the Schafbergwand in Eisenau to Lake Mondsee. The return to Fuschl leads you via St. Gilgen, with the route winding through single trails, paths, bicycle paths, and side roads. With a peak at 1250 meters, this tour requires very good fitness and skill on loose ground.

Info: 82.8 km, 1,960 meters of elevation gain, approximately 8h 430min

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Abtenau – Postalm – Genneralm

The first part of this beautiful, leisurely, and safe tour starts in Abtenau and heads towards Waldhof. Along the river course, it reaches Voglau and the Pichlhöhe. Continuing on the old Postalm road (Alte Posttalm Straße), which is closed to cars, and a gravel road, it gently but steadily climbs upwards. Along the way, a series of waterfalls and gorges are in sight. From here, it becomes increasingly steep until reaching the Postalm and its panoramic views  down Lake Wolfgangsee, Dachstein, and Bischofsmütze.

Info: 63 km, 1,779 meters of elevation gain, around 6 hours

Abtenau – Unterberg – Seewaldsee

This route starts in the center of Abtenau. It leads over asphalt through meadows with magnificent mountain views towards Unterberg. Just before the town, turn left, following the TG 11 signpost. Here, the path also changes to gravel. The route ascends and descends to Voglau. With the option to close the loop and return to Abtenau through the valley. However, for the more athletic, the real challenge starts now. Serpentines lead up to Pichlhöhe and then steeply continue to the Lake Seewaldsee nature reserve. After a rest on the shore, the Seewald road leads back to civilization.

Info: 44 km, 1,200 meters of elevation gain, around 5.5 hours


A medium difficulty and length tour from Abtenau to Lake Seewaldsee. This sunny alpine round requires a basic level of fitness. The effort is rewarded with a magnificent panorama. It starts in Lungötz. From there, you quickly reach the Lammertal with its primeval forest. Finally, you arrive at Lake Seewaldsee, where several refreshment stops await exhausted bikers.

Info: 24 km, 811 meters of elevation gain, around 3.5 hours

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Zauchensee Tour

This is what a gravel tour should look like. Asphalt, forest roads, and gravel paths take turns on this route to the Ski World Cup location Zauchensee. The journey begins in Altenmarkt, heading south-southeast in the Zauchbachtal. In Zauchensee the path continues through the forest towards the destination, keeping traffic at a distance. Just before reaching the end, two steep switchbacks present a challenge, especially in terms of the surface. Nevertheless, this tour is suitable for beginners.

Info: 40 km, 780 meters of elevation gain, about 3.5 hours

Marbachalm Tour

The tour starts in the center of Flachau. It follows the Ennsradweg upstream to Flachauwinkl. From there, the route leads you on an asphalt road for about 10 km along the Wildbach Pleißling. Moderately steep forest roads bring you to the Marbachtal. Here, you must decide whether to stop at the Prechtlhütte right away or continue further to the Ennslehenhütte.

Info: 26 km, 343 meters of elevation gain, about 2 hours

Forstau Gravel-Bike Tour

Starting in Flachau, the beginning of this tour follows the Ennsradweg to Radstadt. The signposted route SW12 quickly takes you over the initial climbs. After a cool descent, you reach Forstau. A forest road leads into the long, scenically beautiful valley end of Forstauwinkl.

Info: 68 km, 930 meters of elevation gain, about 5.5 hours

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„Salzburger Lungau“

Rieding Runde

The Rieding Runde in Lungau, the southernmost district of Salzburg, is among the easier tours. Particularly suitable for beginners. It starts at the church in Zederhaus. Passing the toll station in St. Michael, Rieding, and the Schliereralm, you finally reach the Königsalm. From there, the route continues on gravel to the Örgenhiasalm.

Info: 16 km, 540 meters of elevation gain, about 1.5 hours

Preber Runde

The Preber is one of Lungau’s natural beauties. From Tamsweg, the route first takes asphalt roads towards Sauerfeld. Through Schloßberg, Ötzboden, and the Preber road, you finally reach Lake Prebersee. It’s recommended to take a short break there before continuing through Lessach, past the Turnschall ruins and Haslach back to Tamsweg. This tour requires a basic level of fitness.

Info: 72 km, 1,157 meters of elevation gain, about 6 hours

Göriach Hüttendorf Runde

A cozy tour from Vordergöriach to the Göriach alpine pastures. Following the Göriach stream, the route passes through the Biosphere Park Salzburger Lungau with views of the surrounding mountains. At the destination, you are rewarded with a view of the 2,563-meter-high Hildebrandkopf.

Info: 19 km, 400 meters of elevation gain, about 2 hours

Schönfeld Route

The Schönfeld Gravel Tour starts in St. Margarethen and heads east towards Thomatal via picturesque asphalt and gravel roads. Passing idyllic villages like Pichlern and Gruben, along the Kunsthof Thomatal, the route winds up through Höllweg to the Dr. Josef-Mehrl-Hütte in Schönfeld. This tour is ideal for gravel bikers seeking a combination of challenging climbs and breathtaking landscapes.

Info: 9 km, 800 meters of elevation gain, about 1 hour

Here’s to the Lungau.

„Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn - Austria's largest bike region“

Gravel Runde Through Austria’s Largest Bike Region

If you want to experience everything in one go, ideally all in one day, then this circuit is the right choice. The tour starts in Leogang. Via Asitz, it takes gravel paths to Saalbach. Passing through Spielbergweg, Spielberghaus, Burgeralm, it continues to Hochfilzen, from where it swiftly returns to Leogang on asphalt and on the drops.

Info: 56 km, 2,000 meters of elevation gain

2-Day Tour Through Austria’s Largest Bike Region

This tour ups the ante. Starting from Saalfelden, it spans two days to Fieberbrunn. Suitable only for experienced gravel bikers, it offers a bit of everything: peaks, valleys, alpine pastures, mountain views, and real flow along streams and rivers.

Info: 89 km, 2,600 meters of elevation gain

Vogelsang Gravel Runde

The Vogelsang Gravel Circuit proves that Austria’s largest bike region can also offer more leisurely rides, but it’s not to be underestimated. Starting from Saalfelden, the route leads through Lenzing and then on a bike path until just before Leogang. Then, it suddenly ascends relatively steeply over nine switchbacks and gravel, before taking a forest road back to Leogang. The descent offers a magnificent panorama of the Steinernes Meer and Zell am See.

Info: 21 km, 612 meters of elevation gain, about 2 hours


Described as a ‘cool after-work round,’ this circuit devilishly packs a punch. The Devil of Gravel mounts his gravel steed with his hind legs and cranks at a hellish pace towards ‘Devil’s Water’ at the end of the Saalbach valley to quench his dry throat, before visiting his buddies, the majestic ibexes at the Ossmannalm. Shortly after, he enjoys the intoxicatingly beautiful view above Saalbach at Reiterkogel and grins contentedly to himself!” At least, that’s what’s written. A tour everyone should try at least once.

Info: 32 km, 920 meters of elevation gain, about 4 hours

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„Zell am See-Kaprun“


The journey begins in Zell am See. Along the lake, the route first leads to Thumersbach, then to Bruck. The path ascends to the managed Ponyhofalm and further to the Rettenbachkopf. From there, a forest road leads back to Bruck and along the other lakeside back to Zell am See. A beautiful tour that requires at least a minimum level of experience.

Info: 38 km, 866 meters of elevation gain, about 4 hours

Maiskogelrunde Kaprun

Short and sweet – that’s one way to describe the Maiskogel circuit. Starting in Kaprun at Schaufelbergstraße, you pass plenty of farms to reach the Maiskogel after 17 steep kilometers.

Info: 17 km, 817 meters of elevation gain, about 2 hours

Gravel Bike Route Erlhofplatte

From Zell am See, the route takes the Tauernradweg to Thumersbach. Uphill on asphalt, it continues to the Enzianhütte. Through several climbs, you finally reach the Erlhofplatte. The return journey is via Bruck.

Our tip: Take a cozy break at the Enzianhütte.

Info: 25 km, 750 meters of elevation gain, about 3 hours

Here’s to Zell am See Kaprun.

„Mittersill-Hollersbach-Stuhlfelden “

Rossalm Gravel

The Rossalm Gravel Tour is a highlight for gravel bikers wanting to enjoy the panorama over Hollersbach and the Hollersbach Valley. The route starts in Mittersill, passing through Hollersbach and Stuhlfelden, and ascending through the Lachwald to the picturesque Rossalm. There, a spectacular view of the mountains unfolds. The return trip via the Berghof and Sahnealm offers not only scenic beauty but also a welcome refreshment at the Seestube. A varied adventure that provides both challenge and breathtaking views.

Info: 22 km, 1,000 meters of elevation gain, about 3 hours

The Hintersee Runde

Though only nearly 12 kilometers long, the Hintersee Gravel Circuit takes you to one of the most beautiful spots in the region. It’s also perfect for gently getting into the new sport with its mix of paved and gravel roads. Starting from the center of Mittersill towards the Felbertal and Felbertauern, the first challenging ascent comes right after the mine. After a short flat section, the road climbs steeply in switchbacks. Suddenly, the Hintersee appears, and all efforts and strains are forgotten.

Our tip: Be sure to drive back along the crystal-clear water to the valley end. With some luck, you might see grazing herds of horses.

Info: 12 km, 540 meters of elevation gain, about 1.5 hours one way

Resterhöhe Runde

A strenuous and challenging tour with great panoramas, waterfalls, and fun gravel sections for ambitious cyclists. The Resterhöhe is at the center of the mountains. At least, that might be the feeling when you arrive there breathless. Starting in Mittersill, the well over 50 kilometers long route passes through Weißenstein, Loferstein, Pass Thurn, and Moseralm to the destination. The return to Mittersill goes through Plattwald, Bramberg, and Hollersbach on the Tauernradweg.

Info: 53 km, 1,670 meters of elevation gain, about 5 hours

Hollersbachtal Tour

The Hollersbach Valley, part of the Hohe Tauern National Park, is stunningly beautiful. More than 50% of the route into the valley runs over well-laid gravel roads. A dream! Starting from Mittersill, the route heads to the confluence of the Hollersbach with the Salzach. Here, the first really steep climb awaits. Flat enjoyable sections alternate with brutal ramps until reaching the valley end with its roaring waterfalls. A medium-difficulty gravel tour that requires a basic level of endurance.

Our tip: Stop at the Senningerbräualm halfway to enjoy the homemade products.

Info: 37 km, 890 meters of elevation gain, around 3.5 hours

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