The 8 best photo spots in SalzburgerLand

Where mountains, lakes and cities show their best side

Whether as a beautiful memory or holiday greeting, for an Instagram posting or perhaps even printed out as a mural in your own home - holiday and landscape photos are for eternity. In SalzburgerLand, a potential motif is waiting on every corner to be captured with your camera. We show you eight particularly beautiful subjects that will remind you of your moments of happiness in SalzburgerLand for a long time to come. Because it's exactly for snapshots like this that we live!

#1 Saalbach instead of San Francisco – The Golden Gate Bridge of the Alps

“If you’re going to San Fran….”, oops, sorry, Saalbach Hinterglemm! And while we’re on the subject of classics, we can also throw in the song “Across seven bridges you must go” with regard to this photo spot. Whereas, in this case it’s only one. It is located at the end of the Saalbach Hinterglemm valley and owes its name to its similarity with the original in San Francisco. The “Golden Gate Bridge of the Alps” is part of the highest rock hiking trail in Europe. When crossing this bridge at a height of 42 metres, you take one step at a time. If you can’t or don’t want to look down, it’s better to concentrate on the surrounding mountain scenery or the treetop path – the bridge’s destination. They are also ideal as photo models. So, goodbye, San Francisco – we have our own Golden Gate Bridge! How similar it is to the original, you can see here.

©, Mirja Geh – The Golden Gate Bridge of the Alps

#2 Mirror, mirror – capturing reflections in the Weißsee glacier world

If we were asked for a song that fits the Weißsee glacier world in the Hohe Tauern National Park holiday region, then it might be “Blue blooms the gentian”. But it is not the only one who shines in its most beautiful blue up there at over 2,300 metres. The eponymous Weißsee lies like a lagoon embedded in the surrounding mountains and attracts everyone’s attention with its strong turquoise colour. The Weißsee Glacier World can be reached either by hiking or comfortably with the gondola from the Enzingerboden valley station. Once at the top, you are spoilt for choice with hikes through a mystical forest, around the Weißsee or to one of the neighbouring peaks. And regardless of which version you choose, they are all photogenic. By the way, if you are after a bit of gentian as mentioned at the beginning, you can drive to the nearby Habach Valley, hike along the Emerald Way and finally stop in the Enzian Hut. So, goodbye everyday life, and hello Weißsee Glacier World!

Rudolfshütte in der Weißsee Gletscherwelt
© SalzburgerLand Tourismus, Fräulein Flora – The Rudolfs Hut in the Weißsee Glacier World

#3 A natural beauty – The Rieding Valley Nature Reserve

Typical Alpine plants, such as the Gentian or the Almrausch, also grow in the picturesque Rieding Valley in Salzburg’s Lungau region. Once you cross the border to the municipality of Zederhaus, you can dive deep into the 36 km² nature reserve. Here, Mother Nature has all the pieces: from wild game to high peaks, gentle valleys and clear mountain lakes that exude a charm to which you will immediately succumb. If you, quite understandably, don’t know where to see or go first, then it’s best to try one of the three themed hiking trails. One of these leads around Lake Schlierersee, one tells of life and work on the alpine pasture in the past and also today, while the third deals thematically with the power of still waters and crosses several transitions from the Rieding Valley, which in bygone times were important connections for this remote valley end to the outside world. By the way, when hiking in the Rieding Valley Nature Reserve, you are never alone as the protected area is a habitat for many endangered plants. Along with rare birds, such as the Golden Eagle or the Buzzard who are also at home in the Rieding Valley. Here, you can convince yourself of the beauty of the Rieding Valley.

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus, Sebastian Scheichl – Lake Schlierersee in the Rieding Valley Nature Reserve

#4 Of fabulous lacquers and rare mosses – pure nature on the Gerzkopf

Rare animals and plants can also be found in the Gerzkopf nature reserve in St. Martin am Tennengebirge. They prefer to stay there around the “Schwarze Lacke” (moor lake), which is found on the Gerzkopf moors. Once there, you can choose your favourite photo spot from the reflection in the lake, the Bischofsmütze mountain in the distance or the striking bell at the summit. By the way, the latter is also the reason for the regular bell noise that accompanies you on the way to the Gerzkopf. However, it is also said up here that you should not make too much noise, as then with a little luck you might even glimpse a Capercaillie or be able to count the many dragonflies on the lake. By the way, there is a mysterious legend around the “Schwarze Lacke”, but what exactly is it? To find out, you have to visit it and read the whole thing on an information board on-site. The Gerzkopf is one of the seven most beautiful peaks in the Salzburger Sports World. Which other ones belong to it, we show you here.

#5 Do you want more moor? Then off with you to Lake Wallersee on the Wenger Moor!

We continue with an impressive moorland landscape. In the water-rich Salzburg Lake District, the Wenger Moor has made its way along Lake Wallersee. This moorland is home to many endangered plant species and also a popular breeding and resting area for protected bird species. So that we can also enjoy the Wenger Moor, a three-kilometre-long themed trail was built, which leads past small streams, wet pastures and the raised moor. Here, especially on weekends, you will meet many cyclists and walkers who are attracted by the beauty of the moor in the truest sense of the word. One of the most beautiful photo spots in the Wenger Moor can be found on the north shore, above Seehüttendorf near the Neumarkt Lido. From there, the view stretches in clear weather to the other end of Lake Wallersee. What else is there to discover on the Wenger Moor? We tell you here.

© Salzburg Lake District – Switch off on the Wenger Moor

#6 Mountains and lakes – The full viewing program on the Vormauerstein

Up to the Osterhorn group, into the Tennengebirge and to the Hohe and Niedere Tauern mountains, one’s view falls on the Vormauerstein. But also on Lake Wolfgangsee, which is at your feet here in the middle of the Schafberg mountain area. The path to the “Vormauer”, as the mountain is also called by the locals, starts a little above St. Wolfgang at the Holzerbauer Snack Station. The ascent takes a good two hours to the Vormaueralm, which with its small, unmanaged huts could also pass as a backdrop for a homeland film. On the Vormaueralm you can already celebrate your first summit victory at the summit cross. For the “right” summit, however, you have to scramble onto the Felsnase (rock nose), which gives the Vormauerstein its appearance from afar. And then it’s time to enjoy the view, unpack the camera and start taking pictures. A few impressions and descriptions of the tour can be found under this link.

© Miriam Kreiseder – Summit victory at the Vormauerstein

#7 Forget space and time – capturing special photo moments in gorges

A must for every photo lover are the gorges in SalzburgerLand. Here, you have the opportunity to experience a real (natural) miracle and above all to get it in front of the lens. In the deep canyons, the water has driven its way through the stone massif with all its strength over the millennia. Today, visitors can observe this natural spectacle as they follow the path of water on footbridges and stairs, and venture further and further into the gorges. Throughout SalzburgerLand you will find gorges in all colours and shapes, which are a welcome cooling off, especially in summer. Depending on where you are currently, you should pack your camera and pay a visit to the Liechtensteinklamm gorge (St. Johann), the Sigmund Thun Klamm gorge (Zell am See-Kaprun) or the Seisenbergklamm gorge (Salzburger Saalach Valley). Our Tip – leave your watches at home! This trip lets you forget time and place. More gorges and waterfalls in SalzburgerLand can be found here.

Tip: With the SalzburgerLand Card you can visit many gorges in summer with free admission and as often as you want!

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus, Chris Perkles – The Seisenbergklamm gorge in Salzburg’s Saalach Valley

#8 See Salzburg from a different angle – up onto the Humboldt terrace!

If, in addition to mountains and lakes, you also want to capture a real postcard motif from Salzburg with your camera, then off with you up onto the Mönchsberg! This Salzburg City Mountain is a popular excursion destination and at the same time a recreation area for locals and guests. This is not surprising, as from the Mönchsberg the city is literally at your feet, especially when your view stretches over Salzburg from the Humboldt terrace. This viewing area can be reached either on foot or more leisurely via the Mönchsberg lift. The Humboldt terrace is located directly above the Klausentor and was dug out of the Mönchsberg rock during the Thirty Years’ War. Today, it is named after Alexander von Humboldt, who described the areas of Salzburg, Naples and Constantinople as the most beautiful on earth. Where he’s right…

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus, Markus Berger – View from the Humboldt terrace to Salzburg’s old town

Tips for successful landscape and holiday photos:

  • The best pictures are taken mainly in the morning – before, during and after sunrise. This is due to the fact that the light in the morning is much clearer due to the lower air pollution
  • Lakes offer a wonderful way to live out your photography skills. Reflections, beautiful blue tones, colourful contrasts – there are hardly any more suitable photo models than bodies of water
  • Use helpful apps! There are several sun position and moon position apps that display sunrise and sunset times in all places in the world. In this way, you won’t miss any of those unique moments
  • Most landscape photographers photograph almost exclusively with a tripod and mostly with a wide angle. This guarantees a smooth water surface and a beautiful cloud dynamic
  • Always photograph in RAW format! This makes it easier to edit the photos afterwards
  • Learn how to really use your camera so you can reach your full potential! Keywords such as aperture, exposure time, ISO number and focal length play an important role here
  • Be careful with selfies! Before you take a selfie, first check your surroundings. Where is a good and safe place? Stop at a certain location and do not move when taking pictures – this is especially true in the mountains! Pay good attention to your surroundings, so that there is no danger in your selfie photography.
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