Organic paradise with a lake, culture and more
Organic paradise with a lake, culture and more

A little queasiness might be felt. Will this belt hold? Is the cable tight enough? Gooo! Wow! This feeling of flying through the tree-tops on the Flying Fox is priceless. The cable slide is definitely a highlight in the Seeham High-Rope park directly at the Devil's Grave...

It is definitely a little eerie. Our torches throw shadows through the dark forest while our fingers and noses freeze a little. But as long as Hans Greischberger is with us, this adventure in the Devil's Grave is a scarily beautiful experience. This Organic Farmer from Seeham tells very interesting stories on the torch-lit hike.

Seeham is surrounded by fabulous hills and situated directly at the lake. The harmonious symbiosis of nature, culture and tradition is ever present here, and with over 80 percent of farming being organic, Seeham is a true organic paradise. This holiday town in the Salzburg Lake District is known for its magnificent views, the picturesque lake, and fabulous theatre and musical performances on the Seeham Lake Stage.

Summer in Seeham

Summer visitors will be impressed by the family-friendly and barrier-free public baths with water slide, boat rental, and adventure playground and beach volleyball court. But even off the Lake Obertrum, Seeham has a lot to offer: A high-rope park, the mystical Devils Grave adventure park and a whole lot more.

Winter in Seeham

During the winter months, a thick blanket of snow settles on the hills and fields. Nature comes to rest and the landscape around Seeham invites you for a romantic winter walk. Also, the horse-drawn sleigh ride is unforgettable. The nearby skiing areas invite you to the perfect skiing day. And for those who want to contemplate the Christmas festival, they visit the beautiful Christmas markets in and around Seeham.

Attractions in Seeham

  • Rock concerts, entertaining Theatre, multi-visions shows or readings of literary greats… the stage directly on the lake offers an impressive ambience for numerous cultural highlights
  • From grain to bread: every Tuesday and Sunday from May to October, curious visitors can visit the Rohrmoos Mill
  • That’s round: in the Seeham Ball Mill with geological trails. A look over the shoulder of the Ball Miller Paul Herbst, gives interesting insights into the ball milling and geology!
  • Nature trail: the Devil’s Grave is a natural jewel in Seeham and has long been a popular recreation area for both locals and visitors. A mystical hike which takes approximately 2 hours
  • Torchlight hikes: The particularly atmospheric torchlight walks through the Devil’s Grave in Seeham take place every year after Christmas.


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