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Pinzgau Potatoes or “Freitagnidei”

A favourite childhood dish

We called them “Belly Pinchers” as children, these potatoes. It was by far our favourite dish from Mama's cuisine. And when they landed on the table, we usually ate so many that afterwards our belly pinched.

Many other names testify to the popularity of these fried potato dough pieces, which are usually served with homemade Sauerkraut – such as “Damnidei” (because of their thickness), “Pinzgauer Freitagnidei” or “Oischneidnidei” (because of cutting the pieces out from the dough roll).

I had not seen this typical Pinzgau food on a menu for ages and was thus all the more pleased when I was served my “Belly Pinchers” during a visit to the Bachmühle at the Leoganger Asitz.

The Bachmühle restaurant of Maria and Franz Riedelsperger in Leogang is known for its regional game specialities and the tasty Pinzgau cuisine. Maria told me all about her secret recipe for this potato dish. Quickly and easily cooked, and served with vitamin-rich Sauerkraut it is a healthy and vegetarian tip for cold winter days!


What you need:

  • 600 g floury potatoes
  • 1 egg
  • some flour
  • if necessary, some milk
  • Salt, Nutmeg
  • Butter lard for baking

How to do it:

The potatoes are boiled, peeled and while still warm pushed through a potato press. Then, add the salt, egg and some flour and knead quickly into a dough. Maria revealed how to get the right consistency with a knowing wink – “When kneading afterwards, a Pinzgau cook feels when the dough is just right. If it is too firm, add some milk, if it is too soft, add some flour.” Afterwards, rolls of about one centimetre in diameter are formed from the dough. Depending on your needs and preference, one to three centimetre long pieces are cut off and fried in the pan with butter lard.

Bon Appetit! Because now they are ready, the Pinzgau Potatoes!

… and don’t eat too many of them, in case you get the “belly pinch” 😉

Photos: Mario Lebesmühlbacher, Recipe: Restaurant Bachmühle, Leogang

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