Outside in the Farmer’s Garden

Colourful pleasure, magical diversity!

Salzburg's farm gardens are enchanting natural oases that invite you to enjoy and marvel at harvesting and tasting.

A bumblebee hums from one Lavender flower to the next, while the farm cat takes its naps in the Marigolds under the afternoon sun. The flowers of the Damascus Rose exude a beguiling scent and somewhere the clacking of the rake can be heard. Farmers spend many hours in their small oases, which are a world full of peace and tranquillity, where they plant, pluck weeds, rake, fertilise, water and harvest. And every year anew and again with the same joy. Gardens create work, but it’s a thoroughly wonderful, satisfying job. Because the reward can be enjoyed every day, especially when the magnificent flowers rise into the autumn sky and are the most beautiful side of a farm. Cyclists and walkers stop and marvel at what is hidden behind the fence. The rich vegetable and fruit harvests are a true blessing. And the concert of songbirds and the hum of insects is a blessing for the ears. Children and adults can learn how insect hotels, nests and incubators are built during their on-site visits. The Salzburg Harvest Festival not only attracts visitors to marvel at the farm gardens, but also gives inspiration. In numerous workshops, courses, guided tours and lectures, interested visitors are introduced to extensive garden knowledge. And the secrets around the farm garden are as diverse as the plants that grow there. Some of them are also found in the herb bushes, which are later tied together for herb blessings. The proud focal point is the Mullein, in addition to Calendula, Yarrow, Chamomile and St. John’s wort and some others.

Whether enjoying, watching or trying it out yourself, outside in the farm gardens we are doing well. That’s what we live for!

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