Instagram contest

Instagram Photo Contest: Your favourite place in SalzburgerLand

Professional & amateur photographers, Instagrammers & Bloggers take note!

We warmly invite you to share your personal views of SalzburgerLand with us. Show us what you see as special about our regions and photographically capture the beauty of SalzburgerLand!

When choosing a subject, you can be inspired with the three categories and give free rein to your creativity. Choose from a variety of perspectives and moods, both with and without protagonists — the only condition is that the photo must have been taken in SalzburgerLand or must represent SalzburgerLand.

Get away from your desk, out of the lecture hall or office and into the adventure… Be part of it!

Here are the 3 categories. Get inspired!

#contrasts-> SalzburgerLand has a lot of contrasts and a huge density of experiences. According to the motto “Still or Sparkling”, we are looking for those contrasts which can be experienced in SalzburgerLand. With or without water – it is up to you.

#earlybird-> “The early bird catches the worm.” … or shoots the best photos. The early morning always delivers a very special mood, which you can catch in any way with your camera.

#outdoorfun-> outside you can romp around with games & sport. From cosy leisure activities on your own or with family & friends, and onto action-packed (extreme) sports. Show us how you stay fit this summer!

Each month a different Hashtag is key:

  • #contrasts: 14th July to 14th August
  • #earlybird: 15th August to 15th September
  • #outdoorfun: 16th September to 17th October

Details on the start of the competition and the closing date are included in the SalzburgerLand Photo Contest Terms and Conditions.

Using any of these three themed Hashtags, combined with #salzburgerland and the SalzburgerLand Tag in the photo, you participate automatically in the contest with your photo. Note: The photo should only be allocated to one of the three categories!

The three best photos per category will be awarded from this resulting image pool. The pre-selection will be done by a jury, thereafter all Instagram users can vote for their personal favourites using the Like feature.

Summary and Prizes

  1. Start searching for a #contrasts, #earlybird or #outdoorfun photo.
  2. Share it on Instagram with the additional Hashtag #salzburgerland and tag SalzburgerLand in the photo.
  3. A jury will select the 10 best images per category.
  4. The Instagram community will choose the 3 final winners in each category.

Surely now are you wondering what else out comes out of this Photo Contest for you, in addition to many new discoveries?

In addition to the prize money, the top three in each category receive a super casual Deuter backpack with a high-quality and above all practical SIGG bottle attached, as basic equipment for your future “expeditions through SalzburgerLand”. The Grand Prize winner also wins a SalzburgerLand Card, which grants you free admission to around 190 attractions in SalzburgerLand throughout the whole summer of 2018. Here you will find more information on the SalzburgerLand Card and the attractions. In addition, the winning photos will be featured across the numerous SalzburgerLand channels.

1st Place: €300 + backpack + SIGG bottle + SL card
2nd Place: €200 + backpack + SIGG bottle
3rd Place: €100 + backpack + SIGG bottle


  • You took the photo yourself, are the owner and creator of the photo.
  • Should you work with protagonists, those people in the picture must give their consent. If your photo wins, we will need a written consent of the people. For a group of 5 or more people, we don’t need this consent however the people in the photo must be informed.
  • You know exactly where the photo was taken or what place it depicts.

Technical requirements:

  • Your photo should be taken with a camera, not a Smart-phone or Action-cam photo.
  • Should your photo be among the winners, it can happen that we use it in our print magazines or it appears on city walls. Therefore, your photo should be able to be cleanly printed on DIN A2 size (420 x 594mm) and 300 dpi.
  • Photos sent earlier or later cannot be taken into account.

So, let’s get started – onto your discovery tour through the city and state of Salzburg!

Last but not least: The photo owner agrees with each photo release on Instagram using the required Hashtag-combination and automatically with the SalzburgerLand Photo Contest Terms and Conditions agreement.

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