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Hut Vacations in SalzburgerLand

Summer or winter holidays close to nature in rustic mountain huts or in comfortable chalets

A holiday in a mountain hut means pure nature and unforgettable adventure. High up on the mountain, you can relax wonderfully and recharge your batteries far away from the hustle and bustle of civilisation. You can let your thoughts run free while you gaze into the distance and take in the awe-inspiring view or while you are hiking, on a cycling or biking tour or skiing in the area.

You can choose from an array of experiences when holidaying on a mountain hut in SalzburgerLand, ranging from rustic simplicity with a quick wash at the well to the luxurious mountain chalet with spa and full service. Regardless what type of holiday you choose, the closeness to nature, fabulous views and the possibility to really relax is available to everybody in self-catering huts, managed huts or Salzburg’s Alpine hut villages.

Winter holidays in the mountains

The world is peaceful and quiet when a fresh blanket of snow covers the landscape and the snow falls gently in the morning. It is cushy and comfortable in the hut and outside noise is muffled by the snow. The fire in the stove crackles and spreads cosy warmth. A good book, a cup of tea and a cuddly blanket lets you relax. But great adventure awaits if you just open the door! The lure of fresh snow draws you outside where the skis lean on the hut wall, ready for powder skiing. Or you can go for a walk in snow shoes through snow-covered forests, make creative snowmen outside the hut or shred the snow as you toboggan over jumps you made. Upon your return to the hut, the embracing warmth reddens your cheeks. Happiness is complete if the pan sizzles on the stove top with classic meals such as Kaiserschmarren, the traditional fluffy pancake, or hearty Kasnockn, local cheese gnocchi. In Salzburg’s Alpine hut villages, it’s time for a spa treatment, a sauna or to lean back and get spoiled with culinary specialities.

Summer holidays in the mountains

A good day is when you wake up surrounded by fragrant meadows and unspoilt nature. The wind blows through the deep green forests and you breathe in clean mountain air. The eyes blink and slowly focus on the rolling mountain scenery and rugged peaks around you. The cows in the pasture moo a friendly “good morning” and the table in front of the hut is laid out for a delicious breakfast. The comfortable summer heat is just right in the mountains, and a gentle breeze touches your nose. The day can be filled with activities – searching for sweet blueberries, herbs or mushrooms for lunch, hiking and biking on the surrounding hills. On managed huts, you can watch the herdsmen at work or even lend a hand to count cows, harvest hay or make cheese. Alternatively, you can simply get comfortable in a green mossy meadow and follow the clouds as they travel across the blue sky. In Salzburg’s Alpine hut villages, you will enjoy additional luxury and comfort and socialise with like-minded holiday makers.

5 reasons why a mountain hut holiday is unique:

1. Internet-free zone:

holidays in the mountains means time out from the Internet, Facebook and Instagram. Living in the now with quality time spent together!


looking out the window, the view of the surrounding mountain peaks is amazing – you’re literally on top of the world!

3. Relaxation:

self-imposed solitude in scenic seclusion high on the mountain gives you a fresh perspective and offers you peace and relaxation.

4. Pole position:

always a step ahead – first on location for hiking in the summer or to ski on freshly groomed slopes.

5. Romantic times:

a crackling fire in the fireplace, an awe-inspiring starry sky above and the lights of the valley below, all guarantee a romantic atmosphere at any time of the year.

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