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The leading traditional clothing brand in SalzburgerLand

The Gössl company, which was founded in 1947, makes timeless and exclusive ‘Tracht’ (traditional clothing) for men and women. In the company headquarters in Salzburg, called the Gwandhaus, the noble Dirndl, Joppen and Hanfledernen are tailored and sold.

The Gössl store in the Gwandhaus

Every month, the large GÖSSL store in the GWANDHAUS presents the latest fashions from the GÖSSL Collection. Under the motto of “From Experts For Experts”, GÖSSL stands for those beautiful moments in life coupled with excellent hand-crafted quality. Classic Dirndls, festive items for him and her, and masterpieces such as the richly embroidered “Hanflederne”. Here, you’ll find the right garment for every occasion and every project. The sumptuously crafted Gössl wedding collection is presented in the special wedding department.

The museum and tailor’s studio

From the open gallery you can gain an insight into the history of the creation of traditional costumes and the valuable handicraft. Historical models demonstrate the craftsmanship and creative spirit that are now woven into every outfit as unmistakable signs of genuine Gössl quality. The wonderful Gössl wedding collection is also presented here in its entirety.


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