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From Roots and Tips

Whether craftsmanship or cuisine - the natural forest habitat belongs to the Bauernherbst!

Experience real customs and handed-down traditions.

The forest is a miraculous place of transformation which invites us to be children once again. But the forest is also an important part of the rural existence – vital, formative and fascinating. The precious forest produce, such as wood and cones, resin and lichens, mushrooms and berries, all belong to the Salzburg Bauerherbst, just like the homemade cranberry jam for roasted chamois.

“Salzburg’s green half” ensures wonderful natural encounters, clear, fresh air and culinary moments of happiness. The forest is good for humans – so much so that even doctors recommend regular forest trips. While Salzburg’s farmers are mainly in the forest to cultivate it or collect wood, some of whom use still traditional Noriker horses, the autumnal forest is also an invitation to nature lovers. Here, nature becomes immediately noticeable and you experience it with all your senses. And Salzburg’s forests are never more fascinating than at the time of the Bauernherbst, because in the dying light of the late summer sun, the forest transforms not only people, but also itself into a magical place that provides shade and gives strength.

Craftsmanship with wood

Rakes, chip boxes, fences, tools or willow baskets – many farm utensils that are used in the kitchen, in the yard, in the barn and in the field are made of wood. Ancient handicraft techniques such as shingle making or turning are still practiced today in SalzburgerLand with a lot of skill, flair and patience. At the numerous Bauernherbst events handicraft demonstrations inspire visitors, as nothing fascinates more than people who devote themselves completely to one thing. Bowls made from Pine, Maple, Pear or Yew are not only unique but also very special souvenirs.

Game, berries and mushrooms

“No one can honourably refuse a Schnapps” – and certainly not if it is a homemade Pine liqueur or a Rowanberry Schnapps. The forest provides many wonderful ingredients for a variety of culinary specialities that characterise SalzburgerLand. During the Bauernherbst time, these are mainly blueberries, cranberries, chanterelle, mushrooms and game meat from venison or chamois. The dishes are perfectly prepared by the Bauernherbst hosts, who choose the seasonal and regional ingredients very carefully.

Breathe in. Feel the forest breathing out.


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