Culinary SalzburgerLand: Farmer`s favourite Bauernkrapfen

The Königsbergalm alpine hut, in Dienten in the Hochkönig region, offers stunning views and well-fed food. Learns how to bake from farmer Daniela and prepare delicious Bauernkrapfen (yeast dough baked in butter) with milk from the alpine hut. Read about a summit experience and delicious snacks and a recipe to bake after.


The Salzburg chef Rudi Pichler visits numerous gastronomists and producers of regional tastes on his “Rudi’s Roadtrip” through the Salzburger Land.

This time, Rudi Pichler hikes in Dienten in the Hochkönig region, his destination is the alpine hut Königsbergalm. From the beginning of July to the end of September, the renovated alpine hut is open. The fantastic views of Bernkogel, Sonnblick and Hocharn from the hight of 1.325 meters provide not just visual enjoyment, but you can also enjoy incredibly well food on the Königsbergalm. With delicious juices and alpinesnacks from the Hotter family’s farm and even more farm products.


Naturally, Rudi Pichler’s tour must include the summit experience before he enters the kitchen to learn how Sennerin Daniela prepares food. Rudi Pichler signs the summit book at Ahornstein (1,855 meters), where the Dientner Landjugend only recently installed the new summit cross. You can swiftly descend after taking in the expansive view of the stunning mountain surroundings because there is great anticipation for the delicious snacks “alpine delights”.

What will be served today? Delicious Bauernkrapfen (yeast dough baked in butter with various toppings) together with a glass of milk straight from the alpine hut. The secret to success rests not only in baking the Bauernkrapfen, but also in preparing the Germteig correctly. Chaffing the dough – farmer Daniela is a champion and exactly knows how to do it.



The ingredients for 4 Bauernkrapfen

500 g wheat flower

250/300 ml milk

2 eggs

100 g butter

1 tablespoon of sugar

1 tablespoon of salt

1 shot of rum

20 g yeast

300 g clarified butter


Add the dried ingredients with yeast into a bowl, heat the milk with butter and rum to handwarm temperature, add the eggs and poor them over the flour mixture. Afterwards knead all ingredients into a smooth dough. Let the dough rest for one hour, knead again and leave to rest for another half an hour.

The dough is then portioned into 70g pieces and formed into balls. Cover with a small cloth and leave to rest for another 10 minutes. In the meantime, the butter must be heated to temperature.

When the butter slice is on temperature, pull the balls out like a pizza. This should create a bowl shape when baking out, which is filled with jam when serving. Bake out the dough on both sides in the golden brown slice.

It is prepared with a jam, which season has: blackberries, cranberry or powidl!




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