Discover the Silent-Night-Land

Tour through the Silent-Night-Regions in Upper Austria, SalzburgerLand and Tirol

Day 1 – Upper Austria
Hochburg-Ach – visit the memorial house with the original weaving loom where Franz Xaver Gruber learnt how to become a weaver. There is also the “Franz-Xaver-Gruber-path-of-peace” which ends at the Gothic Parish Church with the “Franz-Xaver-Gruber-memorial-organ”. Each station of the path shows a verse of the song and symbolises the difficult times during the creation of “Silent Night! Holy Night!”. Here you can discover all about Hochburg-Ach in Upper Austria. In Upper Austria, there are two more Silent-Night-Locations namely Ried im Innkreis and Steyr.

Day 2 – SalzburgerLand
Oberndorf – visit the Silent-Night-chapel and the museum in the old vicarage with focus on “Silent Night! Holy Night!” as well as the Salzach river shipping. Afterwards you may travel to the City of Salzburg (approx. 20 km) and experience a guided-tour through the City of Salzburg with one of the experienced guides. Here you can read all about the Silent-Night-Locations in SalzburgerLand.

Day 3 – Tirol
Fügen – visit the local History Museum at the “Widumspfiste”, home of the Ur-Rainer Singers. The visitor will learn more about the Zillertal national singers and the organ builder Carl Mauracher, while there is also the world’s largest known Silent-Night-record-collection located here. Continue on to Laimach-Hippach (approx. 20km). There is an original farmhouse of the “Zillertal” and you will get information about how the song was carried by the Strasser singers out into the world. All Tirolean Silent-Night-Locations are listed here.

The Silent-Night-Tour can be adapted according to your wishes and your individual focus. Here you can find more tour-options and recommendations for your individual journey through the Silent-Night-Regions.

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