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See you soon in SalzburgerLand

Stay healthy!

The global spread of the Corona Virus has made it necessary for us to close the Winter Season 2019/20 early. If you cannot come to SalzburgerLand, then SalzburgerLand will simply come to you! We hope you enjoy the virtual experience!

Dear SalzburgerLand Friends,

The tourism in SalzburgerLand fully supports the official efforts of the Austrian government and the international community to prevent the spread of the virus as much as possible.

We are sure that through the joint efforts and mutual consideration in our society, we can overcome this challenge within the forseeable future. There will be a time after this crisis – and in this time we will appreciate and enjoy the nature, the mountains, forests, lakes, and travelling around SalzburgerLand much more.

For your loyalty in recent years, we would like to thank you very much. We are already looking forward to being able to greet you here in SalzburgerLand again soon.

Until then, we wish you one thing above all – stay healthy!

See you soon in SalzburgerLand!

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Pilgrimages in SalzburgerLand on the Jacob’s Way (c) SLTG Michael Grössinger

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