The long tradition of the Christmas Markets

The fairy lights twinkle like stars in the sky

Christmas markets have been a tradition in the province of Salzburg for hundreds of years. In the 15th century, the Christmas market in the city of Salzburg was seen as an opportunity to purchase items for the upcoming Christmas festivities. Today the market stands are a favourite meeting place for friends to gather for a natter after shopping whilst enjoying a glass of punch or Gl├╝hwein and sampling tasty chestnuts and Christmas biscuits

The History of the Christmas Market

Since the early seventies, Christmas markets have been established throughout SalzburgerLand. From the more traditional and contemplative, such as the Bergadvent in Großarl to the more unconventional, including the Waldklang market in Waldbad, Anif, and more modern, such as the Licht-Advent in St. Johann, all these markets have one thing in common. They all boast a special atmosphere in which you can immerse yourself and leave the pre-Christmas stresses behind for a time. Let the twinkling lights reignite childhood memories.

Expert Craftsmanship

Homemade products from the kitchen and workshop have been on display at the Christmas market stands since the 15th century. You will find a treasure trove of Christmas gifts, including home-distilled schnapps, fine liquors, bacon, sausage and Christmas biscuits along with beautiful handicrafts from local artisans, such as hand-carved nativity figures and other wooden pieces, as well as homemade Christmas tree ornaments crafted from glass, straw and felt. Take your pick from knitted items such as hats, scarves and socks, and wooden toys and handwoven baskets. At many of the stands, you can stop and observe the artisans to learn about their particular craft.


The “Weisenblaser” are a group of musicians who play folk melodies on brass instruments such as the tenor horn and trumpet. Their traditional music can often be heard at Alpine festivals and mountain mass services. Their brass melodies are also a part of a traditional SalzburgerLand Christmas and often accompany carol music at Christmas markets.

Christmas Singers

Throughout the Advent season, when cheerful voices fill the air above the Salzburg Old Town and the city is filled with the spirit of Christmas, a singing spectacle takes place at the Salzburg Festspielhaus. The Salzburg Advent Festival attracts visitors from around the world on an annual basis. Over 70 years ago the Salzburg Advent Singers delivered their first festival, a celebration with traditional Christmas carols. The Advent singers promise a festival with a very special magical Christmas atmosphere.

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