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The top 10 new and unusual fun snow sports to do in SalzburgerLand

There’s nowhere better than in SalzburgerLand to try your hand at a new snow sport

In recent years, many snow sports have joined the ranks of classic snow-fun activities in SalzburgerLand. Not so long ago the likes of snowboarding and monoskiing were added to winter sports enthusiasts’ itineraries alongside skiing, cross-country skiing and tobogganing. Now, activities such as snowbiking, snowkiting, airboarding and Telemark skiing are also in high demand. Without any further ado, here are some fabulous inspirations for your snow adventures this winter.


Whilst biking has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the summer sport arena, snowbiking is still in its infancy. Unjustly so, as you have just as much fun on two wheels in the snow as you do on solid ground in the summer. What’s more, you can take to biking in the snow relatively easily and will come away hooked. You can try it out at Austria’s very first snowbike school in Obertauern.


Hold on tight – this is the fastest form of fun to be had in SalzburgerLand! Enjoy a lightening-fast ride down the slope on a special board. Some mountains even have their own airboard runs – you should absolutely try it!


Snowkiting opens up a new dimension in winter sport. It’s not just about racing down to the bottom of the valley; it’s also about getting back up to the top just as easily, powered by the wind. You’ll ride a snowboard or ski over snowy fields whilst attached to a giant kite. When you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll be able to do giant jumps.

Telemark skiing

It wouldn’t quite be to all winter sports enthusiasts’ tastes to describe Telemark skiing as a new, fun and trendy sport, as it has actually already been around for a while and is especially popular in Scandinavia. The recent technique of skiing with only the toe of the ski boot affixed to the ski is an absolute triumph in the Alps and enjoys a huge following. You can learn and perfect the technique in one of SalzburgerLand’s many ski and snowboard schools. Telemark skiing combines elegance with technique and the love of nature.


Travelling on this steerable single-runner sled is enjoying ever-increasing popularity. The same principle applies here as to downhill skiing – if you have good training, you’ll find it much more enjoyable.


This is great fun in summer and in winter. Roll down a field of snow at 50 km/hr in a large, round, soft ball. You hang on to the inside of the zorb, which is equipped with a 700 mm thick air cushion.

Snow sailing

Don’t be surprised if on a bright winter’s day if it looks as though the pistes of SalzburgerLand are swarming with bats. With thin sails, which are fastened on your arms and knees, you use the airflow to brake and control your speed. This form of sport is especially popular in children’s ski schools.

Winter Canyoning

For the explorers amongst us! Walk with crampons along a stream bed that was impassable during the summer and through untamed landscapes and frozen mountain streams. Participants’ nerves are tested as they climb narrow, steep rocks and then abseil back down.


Enjoy the snow at fantastic speeds! Perched on custom-designed rubber tubes, you’ll race headlong down specially groomed slopes.

Ski safaris

You can use your normal skis for this, and the only other thing you need is a love of variety. It’s perfect for all those who would rather not ski the same slope twice in a day. Armed with a single ski pass you’ll travel through valleys and over hills and probably hop on a ski shuttle again at the end to your starting point.

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