a group riding horses in the snow
© TVB Piesendorf Niedernsill, Harry Liebmann Winterliche Pferdeschlittenfahrt

The romance of winter…in SalzburgerLand

If you’re looking for a romantic winter experience, you’ve come to the right place

Even if you only really associate the Alps and SalzburgerLand with adventure, sport, fun and action, you’ll find plenty of space for romance to bloom here. Winter doesn’t just deliver up conditions for snow sports and fun on the ice; it also sets the scene for the most beautiful romantic moments with its deep blue skies, frosty nights and lonely valleys.

Horse-drawn carriage rides through a winter wonderland

Far in the distance you can make out the sound of church bells ringing from a little chapel. The sledge glides seamlessly through the ankle-deep newly fallen snow. Your breath comes out in clouds in front of you, and as you feel your nose and cheeks tingling, you snuggle up closer to your loved one under the warm woollen blanket. It is a magical pleasure to be led through the winter wonderland in a horse-drawn carriage. You pass snow-laden trees, and the white-crested mountain peaks are in continuous full view.

Take this ride with somebody you love, and this winter’s pleasure becomes the most romantic experience you could possibly have. Just when you think that the journey couldn’t get any more special, you stop off at a little quaint guesthouse where the landlord is waiting to spoil you with a hot chocolate and some Kaiserschmarrn – delicious fluffy shredded pancakes.

a horse sleigh in pure winter romance

© TVB Piesendorf Niedernsill, Harry Liebmann

Hot air ballooning over the wintery Alps

Travelling in a hot air balloon must be one of the most impressive experiences that there is. Not only do you get to see the world from a completely different perspective, but you also experience the beauty of the world below you in absolute silence and without the usual everyday backdrop of sound. You glide gracefully over the hills and mountains and from such a great distance the skiers on the snow-covered mountain tops look like ants scurrying about on an ant hill.

Where you are, high up above, there’s no room for bustle and hurry. The balloon is carried along with the wind and occasionally the burner lifts you all up a little higher. In the cold winter air, incredible long-distance views are possible so you experience the many attractions around Salzburg city, from a perfect bird-eye perspective. You raise your glass high, celebrating a perfect day with your loved one in a hot air balloon – could you think of anything more special?

©TVB Piesendorf Niedernsill, Harry Liebmann – Ballooning over winter wonderland – pure romance

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