The perfect swing

In SalzburgerLand, you find the peace and tranquillity you need to get right in the swing of golf

There's this one little noise, this very special 'click'. Which you chase for so long and which changes the life of a golfer forever. The sound of perfection, of the perfect stroke. Click. It should be so easy, but anyone who has ever ventured onto the fairways and greens and lugged a golf bag around, knows how much practice, concentration and yes, luck is necessary to achieve this perfection at least partially.

To label golf as a pure sport would not even begin to do justice to the ‘game of kings’. Of course, it could be reduced purely to individual movements, rules and processes. But then you simply wouldn’t have understood the heart of the matter. You wouldn’t see that the mind is at least as important as physical fitness. That momentum in life affects the swing of the club and that you have to leave everyday life outside so that you really ‘get onto’ the course. Of course, technique, equipment, ball feeling and talent of the player also play a major role. But those who do not include physical and mental balance in their considerations and their efforts will always lag behind their possibilities.

Get in the right flow

Hardly any other state is as perfect for golfing as SalzburgerLand is. It’s not only that passionate players find a lot of opportunities here to let off steam on the most diverse course in the most beautiful regions and landscape. The nature, people and their culture also offer themselves as ideal teachers to forget everyday life and those little worries. To give the body back its necessary balance with the energy of all the elements and to generally bring life back into rhythm. Into the right swing.

The river of life and golf

If you sit at one of the many streams in the Salzburg Alps and watch the water play around the stones, shoot over rapids or simply flow along, then you automatically begin to understand that life ‘in the flow’ really just flows. Without effort, without being dogged or wanting something too much, the water makes its way along and always reaches its destination. If you close your eyes and imagine swinging the club in exactly this state of mind, you will probably bring the perfect harmony to your swing.

Fully in the flow, without compulsion and effort. Click.

And then, when on your way back down into the valley, you meet a farmer scything through his meadow, then you can count yourself particularly lucky. Because here, too, you will find it, the ideal swing. Without stress, always in rhythm and in perfect balance, the scythe swings deep over the earth. If a golf ball were to lie here now… ‘Click’!

Swinging through life

Even if SalzburgerLand is a true cornucopia of natural beauty, it is also the culture and above all the music to which this spot of earth owes its world fame. Every year, music lovers from all over the world gather here to listen to the most beautiful melodies ever written, to feel them and to absorb them. What does that have to do with golf and the search for momentum? Quite simple – here, too, the right flow and balance are required. So, that individual tones and the movements of the musicians become a perfect harmonious whole. Without feeling compelled, the notes line up, become harmonies and make their way through people’s ears directly into their hearts.

Golfers should go in search of that one perfect swing exactly to the beat of these melodies The calm of the river and the determination of the scythe are not to be ignored. Banish unnecessary thoughts, be aware of your own balance, take a deep breath and swing. Click.

© all pictures: SalzburgerLand Tourism – Markus Berger

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