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The healing power of water

Healing water from the springs

In the year 1863, a thirsty hunter discovered two springs in Abtenau. And the huntsman had every right to be surprised by how strangely the water tasted.

Helpful against gastritis

The water is not exactly flavoursome, but it is healthy: the healing water from the springs, which are located around five kilometres east of the town centre, are especially well-suited for inhalation, cleansing regimens and bathing, as it contains, among other things, plenty of sodium, calcium, chloride and sulphate. The water is supposed to be particularly helpful for diseases of the digestive tract (e.g., gastritis).

How to get to the springs?

The two springs can be found while driving toward the Rupertushof leisure resort. From the centre of Abtenau, the route is very well signposted. Once you leave the town of Abtenau, make your way through the districts of Au and Fischbach, all the way to the big junction, where you drive toward Gosau. After around 3 km, a green sign will point you toward the Rupertushof leisure resort. Next to it, you will find the two healing springs.

Bathing like it’s 1890

Veronika Moisl, manager of Hotel Moisl in Abtenau, provides the local healing water completely free of charge to her guests. Family Moisl has constructed two wells, one located directly by the hotel’s entrance, the other within the impressive wellness parlour. “We have built our bathing facility in accordance with the traditional standard,” Veronika Moisl proudly reports.
And one does indeed feel as if transported back into the 19th century here. Among other highlights, one can enjoy the “Imperial Bath” just like Empress Sissi once did.

The Moisl family regularly drinks the Abtenau healing water. Bottled directly at the springs, it is shipped to the hotel in large containers. “You have to make sure that it’s always cooled properly because the Abtenau healing water requires a specific temperature for it to fully develop its properties,” Moisl explains.

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus, Theresa Kaserer – Veronika Moisl from the Hotel Moisl, filling a glass with the tasty water

No water in plastic bottles

The hotel owner doesn’t mind drinking the regular water from the tap. “We do live in paradise, after all. When we have foreign guests, they often cannot believe that our water here in Abtenau is so good and pure, that they can drink it directly from the tap in their rooms without having to buy bottled water at a supermarket. I consider water to be our most important resource.”

Veronika Moisl also likes to send her guests to the two waterfalls in Abtenau, the Dachserfall and Tricklfall falls. “It is so beautiful there, we just have incredible nature around here!” The deeply carved out Lammertal valley, the multitude of caves at the Tennen Mountains, the countless streams, little rivers and lakes: the abundance and primordial force of the water can be seen and experienced everywhere in Abtenau.

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus, Theresa Kaserer – Drinking fountain in the Hotel Moisl


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