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St James’s Way

Pilgrimage to Spain

St James’s Way is arguably one of the most famous pilgrimage routes. Strictly speaking, the route consists of a number of European pilgrim routes that all lead to the alleged grave of Saint James.

The history of St James’s Way

St James the Great, a disciple of Jesus and later apostle, came to Spain as a missionary. On his return in 44 AD, he was beheaded in Jerusalem. His body, so the legend goes, was taken to Spain in 614 AD, where his grave was forgotten. The grave was rediscovered only in the 9th Century! Since then, St James has been a national saint and patron of pilgrims.

The first mention of St James’s Way from the year 1047 already brings it into connection with his grave in Santiago de Compostela in Spain. The name Santiago is the local Galician evolution of Sancti Iacobi, “Saint James”. In the Middle Ages, his grave became a major goal of Christian pilgrimages besides Rome and Jerusalem. The Spanish major route was even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993.

The St James’s Way route

One might say that each journey begins with an idea – with the thought of taking on this pilgrimage. The trip must be planned and studied, with the knowledge of what lies ahead. Year after year, thousands of pilgrims embark on this special hike. And the road begins somewhere else for each and everyone, specifically exactly where each pilgrim decides to start the journey.

There are many St James’s Way routes across Europe. In the Middle Ages, the ‘main routes’ were established, those which include St James churches and chapels along the way. The historic St James’s Way routes have remained the same to this day besides small changes due to major transport routes. The common goal of all routes is the grave of St James in Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

St James’s Way in SalzburgerLand

The Salzburg route leads through the Salzburg Lake District into the city of Salzburg and continues to Grossgmain, Bad Reichenhall, Unken, Lofer and the Tyrolean border.

Gezeichnete und bebilderte Karte des Jakobsweges

St James’s Way through SalzburgerLand

The route can be followed via these stages:

Oberhofen– Neumarkt – Henndorf – Eugendorf 24km, approx. 6.5 hours
Description/GPS Track
Lengau – Lochen – Mattsee – Obertrum – Seekirchen – Eugendorf 27 km, approx. 6.5 hours
Eugendorf – Hallwang – Salzburg – Hinterreit/Großgmain 29km, approx. 7.5 hours
Description/GPS Track
Hinterreit/Großgmain – Bad Reichenhall – Unken 22.5km, approx. 6 hours
Description/GPS Track
Unken  Lofer (inkl. Abstecher nach Maria Kirchental) 18km, approx. 5.5 hours
Description/GPS Track
Lofer – Waidring – Kirchdorf – St. Johann in Tirol 26.5km, approx. 7 hours
Description/GPS Track 

Accommodation along the way

Whoever is on the go the whole day welcomes the chance to stretch out their legs in the evening, to be served something good to eat and maybe also to share their experiences from that day with other like-minded people. Here you will find a list of all the accommodation along the way that receives pilgrims with open arms:

Frankenmarkt Tourism Association Frankenmarkt
Tel. +43 7684/625513
Landhaus Schmid Fornacherstrasse 23,
Tel. +43 7684/6324
Gasthof Kogler Hauptstrasse 122
Tel. +43 7684/6258
Gasthof zur Post Hauptstrasse 100
Tel. +43 7684/6271-0
Gasthaus Weissl-Ober Hauptstrasse 71
Tel. +43 7684/6356


Oberhofen Tourism Association MondSeeLand Mondsee-Irrsee
Tel. +43 6213/8215 und (0)680/2104752
Privatzimmer Marianne Brodinger Rabenschwand 81
Tel. +43 6213/8622
Privatzimmer Maria Endesgraber Römerhof 13
Tel. +43 6213/8229
Privatzimmer Theresia Meindl Salzweg 38
Tel. +43 6213/8596
Privatzimmer Franziska Schweigerer Römerhof 100
Tel. +43 6213/8446


Straßwalchen Tourism Association Straßwalchen
Tel. +43 6215/6420


Neumarkt am Wallersee Tourism Association Neurmarkt am Wallersee
Tel. +43 6216/6907
Greischbergerhof Bauernschränke
Fam. Greischberger
Pfongau 7
Tel.+43 6216/6053
Henndorf am Wallersee Tourism Association Henndorf am Wallersee
Tel. +43 6214/6011
Hofbauer Fam. Schwaiger
Fenning 16
Tel. +43 6214/7331 od. (0)664/5113272
Eugendorf Tourism Association Eugendorf
Tel. +43 6225/8424
Privatzimmer Aspacher Johanna Aspacher
Salzburgerstraße 53
Tel. +43 6225/7186 oder (0)664/3440140
Landgasthof Holznerwirt**** Fam. Schönbauer
Dorf 4
Tel. +43 6225/8205
Landhotel Gschirnwirt****‘
eigene Hauskapelle
Fam. Schinagl
Alte-Wiener-Str. 49
Tel. +43 6225/8229
Landhotel Santner*** Fam. Elsenwenger
Alte-Wienerstr. 1
Tel. +43 6225/8214-0
Gasthof Neuwirt *** Fam. Hörl
Dorf 16
Tel. +43 6225/8207


Hallwang Town Hall Hallwang
Tel. +43 662/661957-0
Landgasthof Gut Kirchbichl**** Fam. Zipperer
Dorfstr. 22
Tel. +43 662/665900
Bergheim Tourism Association Bergheim
Tel. +43 662/454505
Haus Monika Fam. Streitfellner, Mattseer Landesstrasse 6
Tel +43 662/456644
Hotel Gasthof Maria Plain **** Fam. Moßhammer
Plainbergweg 41
Tel. +43 662/450701


Salzburg Tourism Salzburg
Tel. +43 662/88987
St. Virgil Salzburg**** Ernst-Grein-Strasse 14
Tel. +43 662/65901-0
Hotel Hohenstauffen*** Elisabethstr. 19
Tel. +43 662/877669
Kolpinghaus Salzburg** Adolf-Kolping-Strasse 10
Tel. +43 662/4661-0
Haus Wartenberg** Johannes Wächter
Riedenburgerstr. 2
Tel. +43 662/848400


Wals-Siezenheim Tourism Association Wals-Siezenheim
Tel. +43 662/851067,
Goiserwirt** Fam. Berger
Goiserstr. 31
Tel. +43 662/850567


Großgmain Tourism Association Großgmain
Tel. +43 6247/8278
Hotel Kaiser Karl*** Eva-Maria Zimmerebner
Salzburgerstr. 55
Tel. +43 650/2021500
Hotel Vötterl*** Fam. Vötterl
Salzburger Straße 54
Tel. +43 6247 8203
Gasthof Steinerwirt*** Gernot Harl
Salzburgerstr. 25
Tel. +43 6247/7311,


Bad Reichenhall Tourist-Info Bad Reichenhall
Tel. +49 (0)8651/606-151
Hotel Garni Villa Rein*** Fam. Rein
Frühlingstr. 8
Tel. +49 (0)8651/3482
Diakonie Neuendettelsau Gästehaus Emmaus Maximilianstr. 10
Tel. +49 (0)8651/7805-0
Gästehaus Mauerer Ludwig-Thoma-Strasse 9
Tel. +49 (0)8651/5517
Pension Lex Salzburgerstr. 42
Tel. +49 (0)8651/2147
Avalon Hotel Bad Reichenhall*** Bahnhofplatz 14
Tel. +49 (0)8651/763-0


Unken Salzburger Saalachtal
Tel. +43 6588/8321-0
Köstlerbauer Fam. Lidicky
Niederland 40
Tel. +43 6589/4292
Privatzimmer Bauer Fam. Bauer
Niederland 27
Tel. +43 6589/4246
Landhotel Schütterbad**** Fam. Pfaffenbichler
Niederland 35
Tel. +43 6589/4296
Landhotel Kirchenwirt*** Fam. Lerchner
Niederland 3
Tel. +43 6589/4204
Haus Binderschuster, Privatzimmer Claudia Leitinger
Nr. 11
Tel. +43 699 172 354 36
Lofer Salzburger Saalachtal, Lofer
Tel. +43 6588/8321-0
Haus Edelweiß*** Veronika Faistauer
Nr. 109
Tel. +43 6588/8383
Gasthof Bad Hochmoos*** Fam. Schlechter
Wildmoos 3
5092 St. Martin bei Lofer
Tel. +43 6588/8226-0
Waidring Tourism Association PillerseeTal
Tel. +43 5354/56304-30
Gasthof Strub*** Martin Huber
Strub 16
Tel. +43 5353/5222



Ein Pilgerer mit Rucksack blickt über die Almwiese in die Ferne

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus – Pilgrim on St James’s Way

Important questions about St James’s Way

How is St James’s Way signposted?
Within SalzburgerLand, the route is uniformly identified with yellow signs showing the St James’s Way symbol.

Where does St James’s Way go in Salzburg?
Nearly 100km long hiking trails take pilgrims through SalzburgerLand. They pass the pilgrimage church of Maria Plain, cross through the city of Salzburg and enter Tyrol via Unken and Lofer.

How many days does one take to hike St James’s Way in Salzburg?
The route can be hiked in about 4 days.

Is the Way suitable for cyclists?
Around 90 percent of the distance can be travelled by (trekking) bike. Alternative routes for those parts that remain reserved for hikers are marked on the map above.

Do I need a pilgrim’s pass for St James’s Way in Salzburg?
A pilgrim’s pass is not required because there are no defined pilgrim hostels. Many pilgrims still highly value it, since they can identify themselves at parishes, for example, or use it to document their journey.

Where can I get a pilgrim’s pass?
Pilgrim’s passes, artistic postcards and souvenirs are available at the following places, for example:

Where do I get a stamp for my pilgrim’s pass?
You can get your pass stamped in the churches and pilgrim-friendly restaurants and accommodation facilities along St James’s Way.

Weg über eine Wiese an einem Heuschober vorbei

© SalzburgerLand Tourismus – St James’s Way leads through the wonderful landscape of SalzburgerLand

Are there guided pilgrim tours or multi-day offers on the St James’s Way?
Yes, for those who don’t want to organise a pilgrimage tour themselves there is are guided tours organised by Angelika Wimmer. For information and registration email:

You can also quite easily allow Eurohiketo organise a single tour anytime (8 days / 7 nights, from May to October).


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