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SalzburgerLand Card FAQs

Here you can find all the questions and answers for the SalzburgerLand Card – the all-inclusive card for your summer holiday in SalzburgerLand.


SalzburgerLand Card – COVID-19

Please obtain up-to-date information on legal capacity restrictions, opening hours and restrictions due to COVID-19 directly and before visiting your desired SL Card excursion destination! Due to constantly changing circumstances/conditions, no guarantee for admission or open attractions can be assumed by SalzburgerLand Tourismus GmbH.

  • What does the SalzburgerLand Card cost?
    You can find current prices here.
  • I would like to buy the SL Card for my school class / my club / my group travel. Are there special conditions for these?
    Yes! Please contact us directly and by email ( and we will find a solution that is good and suitable for you.
  • Is there a SalzburgerLand free ticket (for 6 or 12 days, F6 or F12) for people with disabilities or for the accompanying person?
    Yes – the accompanying person who is entered as necessary in the disabled person’s ID card receives an SLC free ticket. The person affected by a disability pays for a child or adult ticket (depending on their age) as normal. You can get the corresponding free ticket directly from a tourism association in SalzburgerLand. Please show your disability card on site.

  • Children cards – free cards – how does it work?
    All children must be between the ages of 4 and 15.9 during the holiday period (4th birthday – 16th birthday at the time of the holiday). If you have 3 children of this age, then you have to buy a child ticket for 2 children, the third child gets a free ticket. If you have 4 children, you have to buy 2 tickets, the other two get free tickets, etc. There are no SL Cards for children under their 4th birthday.
    Example for 6 days tickets:
    1st child: € 45,-
    2nd child: € 45,-
    3rd child: 0,-
    4th child: 0,- etc.
  • Where can I get the SalzburgerLand Card?
    You can order the card directly online.
  • Does it make a difference whether I buy the card on the website of SalzburgerLand Tourismus GmbH or directly in the region (at a tourist board or hotel selling the digital SL Card)?
    No, the SL Card costs the same everywhere.
  • Can I book multiple SalzburgerLand Card at once?
    Yes! After completing the booking, you will receive an email with the links to your already personalised SalzburgerLand Cards, which you can forward to your family members and friends. 
  • What delivery time should I expect if I order the card online?
    None, as the card itself is digital, meaning that your smartphone becomes an entry ticket. Please keep in mind that it takes about 10 – 15 minutes to send the email and create the QR code.
    Alternatively, you can print out the card as a Print@Home ticket.
  • Is the SalzburgerLand Card transferable?
    No – the SalzburgerLand Cards are personalised.
  • Do I need to install an App to purchase the digital SL Card?
  • Will my data be used for advertising purposes?
  • Are the listed attractions free of charge?
    Yes. If you are in possession of a SalzburgerLand Card, entry to the partner companies is free of charge.
  • Is it possible to utilise the individual attractions more than once?
    That depends upon the attractions. Here you can find more informations.
  • Do I have to leave an attraction after the card expires?
    No. Registration happens on entry.
    Attention: please note the access duration of 3 or 4 hours for thermal baths.
  • Do I need to know the exact start date at the time of purchase?
    No – the SL Card is valid for 6 or 12 days from first use, and within the current summer season.
  • From when is the SalzburgerLand Card valid?
    For 6 or 12 days from the first use, depending upon the card. Within the current summer season.
  • Is the SalzburgerLand Card valid for 6 or 12 calendar days or is the usage calculated in hours?
    The validity of the SalzburgerLand Card automatically begins with the first use at an attraction and thus devalues the first day of use. For example, first use on Sunday (1:30 p.m.) – valid until Friday, 11:59 p.m. (6 calendar days).
    Please note that the use of the 24 hrs in the City of Salzburg cannot extend the 6 calendar days. If you would like to spend a day in the City of Salzburg, it makes sense to plan it at the beginning or during the first 5 days of your holiday.
    Important: First use at an attraction in the city of Salzburg happens on Tuesday at 11:30 a.m., last entry is possible on Wednesday at 11:29 a.m.
  • Can I use the SalzburgerLand Card immediately when booking online?
    Yes, the SalzburgerLand digital card can be used immediately. Validity automatically begins with the first use of the SalzburgerLand Card.
  • During which period is the SalzburgerLand Card valid?
    From 1st May until 5th November 2023.
  • Are all SL Card partner establishments open during the entire season (1st May – 5th November)?
    Please note that the opening hours of the service partners may change, especially cable cars and outdoor pools are partly in operation depending on the weather. In principle, limited operation must be expected during the season’s off-peak times (May and October). Due to the current situation around Covid-19 and the legal requirements, it is unfortunately also necessary to assume limited capacities (especially in cable cars and pools). Please check the current conditions and possibilities before visiting an attraction. Thank you for your understanding!
  • Can I also visit the attractions in the city with the SalzburgerLand Card?
    With the SL Card you can visit either for 24 hrs the partner companies in the City of Salzburg OR you can enjoy a ride on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. From the first use of the SL Card in the City of Salzburg, a ride on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road is no longer possible, and vice versa. As with the other toll roads, which are partner companies of the SalzburgerLand Card, every car occupant must present a valid SL Card when using the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. All SL cards of the occupants are scanned. Tip: if you want to visit several attractions in the city of Salzburg, it makes more sense to buy a regular car ticket at the toll station.
  • What happens if I lose the card?
    As a digital ticket, the SalzburgerLand Card cannot be lost.
  • Can I still use the digital SalzburgerLand Card when my smartphone battery is empty?
    No. Therefore, please make sure that the battery of your smartphone is sufficiently charged.
  • Can I also use the SL Card over non-consecutive days?
    Yes, but only within its period of validity, between 6 or 12 days.
  • Is public transport included?
    Public buses are free to use during the 24 hrs in the City of Salzburg. On the other days or outside the City of Salzburg, public transport is unfortunately not part of the SL Card.
  • Can I also visit the attractions in the city with the SalzburgerLand Card?
    Upon purchase of the card, you will need to decide whether to use the card for 24 hrs in the city or to take a trip on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. If you choose the city, all museums etc in the city can be visited during a period of 24 hours within the validity of the SalzburgerLand Card.
  • Can I extend a purchased 6 day SL Card from 6 to 12 days during my stay?
  • Can I buy a SL Card for the next year?
    No, always only for the current year.
  • Is it allowed or free of charge to take dogs with you?
    Please clarify this with the partner company directly before visiting an attraction. This depends on the local conditions or on the size of the dog.
  • Can bikes/mountain bikes be carried free of charge on cable cars?
    Each cable car manages this differently – on some cable cars in SalzburgerLand it is free of charge, for others a ticket has to be purchased, while some other cable cars unfortunately do not offer this possibility. Please also check on the relevant website for up-to-date information before visiting a cable car.
  • I get sick during or just before the holiday – what can I do?
    Unfortunately, in the event of illness or accident, there is no legal right to reimbursement of costs. So, it makes sense not to buy the digital card too long before the start of your holiday. It is also not necessary. We ask for your understanding!
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