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SalzburgerLand Card FAQs

Here you can find all the questions and answers for the SalzburgerLand Card – the all-inclusive card for your summer holiday in SalzburgerLand.

  • What does the SalzburgerLand Card cost?
    You can find current prices here.
  • Where can I get the SalzburgerLand Card?
    You can order the card directly online.
  • What delivery time should I expect if I order the card online?
    None, as the card itself is digital, meaning that your smartphone becomes an entry ticket. Alternatively, you can print out the card as a Print@Home ticket immediately after purchasing it.
  • Are the listed attractions free of charge?
    Yes. If you are in possession of a SalzburgerLand Card, entry to the partner companies is free of charge.
  • Is it possible to utilise the individual attractions more than once?
    That depends upon the attractions. Here you can find more informations.
  • From when is the SalzburgerLand Card valid?
    For 6 or 12 days from the first use, depending upon the card. Within the current summer season.
  • During which period is the SalzburgerLand Card valid?
    From 1st May until 26th October 2021.
  • What happens if I lose the card?
    As a digital ticket, the SalzburgerLand Card cannot get lost.
  • Can I also use the SL Card over non-consecutive days?
    Yes, but only within its period of validity, between 6 or 12 days.
  • Is public transport included?
    You can use the public buses for free of charge as part of the 24-hour Salzburg Card option. On other days and/or outside of the city of Salzburg, use of public transport is unfortunately not included with the SL Card.
  • Can I also visit the attractions in the city with the SalzburgerLand Card?
    Upon purchase of the card, you will need to decide whether to use the card for 24 hrs in the city or to take a trip on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. If you choose the city, all museums etc in the city can be visited during a period of 24 hours within the validity of the SalzburgerLand Card.
  • Can the card be extended?
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