What is currently possible, and what is not

Do you have questions about events or want to know which leisure facilities are open in SalzburgerLand? Here, we give you an overview.

What are the current rules for events?

Events in SalzburgerLand are finally possible again! This includes cultural events, sporting events, weddings, film screenings, trips by coaches or excursion ships for tourist purposes, exhibitions, congresses, trade and public fairs and occasional markets.

Events can take place within the following capacity limits:

  • Participants must show a valid negative test result, a vaccination certificate or a recovery confirmation from COVID-19 before the event.
  • Number of participants at events with assigned seating (cinemas, concerts, cabaret, seminars) – this also applies to congresses
    • indoors: 1,500 people (but no more than 50 percent maximum capacity)
    • outdoors: 3,000 people (but not more than 50 percent maximum capacity)
  • Number of participants at events without assigned seating:
    • indoors: 50 people
    • outdoors: 50 people
  • Trade and public fairs: capacity limit 10m² per visitor
  • Mandatory registration of visitors
  • Catering for visitors analogous to gastronomy – except for events without assigned seating, where no catering is allowed
  • 1 metre minimum distance for guests from other visitor groups (or one free seat between visitor groups)
  • Notification obligation for events from 17 to 50 people
  • Permit requirement by the health authority for events with 51 people or more
  • Detailed information can be found here.

What regulations apply from 1st July?

  • If no valid negative test result, proof of vaccination or confirmation of having contracted COVID-19 can be shown, an FFP2 mask must be worn indoors
  • No more minimum distance and capacity restrictions
  • No restricted opening or closing hours in gastronomy
    • Night catering will, however, only be possible again later in July
  • No upper limits for events – neither in standing nor seated areas
    • Obligation to notify: from 100 persons
    • Obligation to obtain a permit: from 500 persons

Is there a forecast as to whether certain events can take place?

All event organisers will provide information on whether an event will take place or not. Please check directly with your event organiser for the latest information.

Which leisure and sports facilities are currently open?

Museums, libraries, all leisure facilities, swimming pools, fitness studios, sports facilities, zoos and animal parks are also open again. The same applies to theatres, leisure and amusement parks, indoor playgrounds, show mines and cultural facilities. The practice of contact sports is also possible again.

  • Visitors entering indoor areas will be required to show a valid negative test result, vaccination certificate, or confirmation of recovery from COVID-19.
  • In closed rooms, a minimum area of 10m² per customer must be available – this also applies to wellness areas
  • Excluded from the 10 m² rule are facilities where a space is usually occupied for the duration of the use of the service (fairground rides, here a space must be left free if the distance is otherwise not maintained)
  • 1 metre minimum distance for visitors between people from other visitor groups – except contact sports
  • FFP2 mask obligation indoors – except for sports activities and in wet rooms
  • Catering analogous to regulations for gastronomy

Additional information:

On the following pages you will find answers to the most important questions about framework conditions and protection – Ministry of Social Affairs, leisure regulations as well as trade fairs and events.