Safe Accommodation

Hospitality with responsibility

A Holiday in SalzburgerLand is from 17th December 2021 again possible without any problems. Here with us you should always feel safe. Read how our hosts make your holiday in SalzburgerLand a special experience this year.

Are hotels and B&Bs currently open?

A holiday in SalzburgerLand is possible and our hosts look forward to welcome you

The Green Pass or other proof that you have been vaccinated or recovered or tested is considered an admission ticket for a holiday in SalzburgerLand. Please note that rapid antigen tests are valid for 24 h and PCR tests for 72 h. For accomodation the 3G regulation applies.

What arrangements are accommodation establishments in SalzburgerLand making?

As our guests, you can be sure of one thing – a safe holiday for our guests is the ultimate goal, on which we are working together in SalzburgerLand. As soon as our accommodation establishments are open again, you will be able to have wonderful holidays once more – and safely!

The measures assigned by the national government are of course being implemented conscientiously in SalzburgerLand. The Covid-Board SalzburgerLand, which includes experts from the relevant fields of tourism, health, public authorities and politics have created measures and recommendations for the hotel and accommodation industry. In addition, a detailed checklist for the prevention of Covid-19 in accommodation establishments has been developed.

As our guests, please note:

  • Guests must show a 3G proof in addition to the usual registration upon arrival. Please note: Antigen rapid tests and PCR tests are both accepted .
  • During your stay, you must always show a valid 3G certificate (vaccinated or recovered or tested) when using services in gastronomy and wellness facilities (e.g. breakfast buffet, restaurant, wellness area, sports area).
  • Wear a FFP2 mask in openly accessible indoor areas.
  • If possible, make use of the contactless handover of keys and keycards at holiday apartments and houses.
  • If possible, pay contactless with ATM/debit or credit card.

What applies to children and adolescents?

Children up to the age of 12 are exempt from the 3G-proof requirement and therefore do not have to show a test result. For children and adolescents between the ages of 13 and 15 (compulsory school age), the following applies: The Ninja Pass issued at Austrian schools is equivalent to a 2-G certificate and is therefore also valid as proof of admission to restaurants, cinemas or hotels. After completion of the ninth school year, young people must also have a 3G-proof in order to be allowed to enter 3G- areas.

Are employees in tourism companies regularly tested?

Since last summer, Austria has been offering a test setup called “Safe Hospitality”, in which employees of hotel and gastronomy companies can be tested voluntarily once a week. Also landlords of private rooms can be tested.

Tourism companies can display their participation in the weekly Covid tests to their guests with the official “Safe Hospitality” badge. You are also welcome to find out directly from the company you booked your holiday with, whether these weekly employees screenings are performed.

For companies, there is also a mandatory prevention / hygiene concept and there must be a COVID 19 officer. As you can see, we do everything humanly possible for your safety!

What must I pay attention to in the dining room/restaurant?

No mouth&nose protection is required at the tables themselves. In all restaurants, attention is paid to the legally prescribed table distances or corresponding separation devices (e.g. glass panels) have been installed. When approaching and leaving the table, all other persons who do not live in the same household or who belong to your visitor group must observe the minimum distance of 1 metre and wear an FFP2 mouth&nose protection.

Are buffets and self-service areas allowed?

Self-service is permitted where special hygienic precautions minimise the risk of infection. This can include, among other things:

  • Removal with single-use gloves
  • Cleaning the hands at a disinfectant dispenser directly in front of the buffet station
  • Disposable cutlery

What are the rules for wellness or sports areas?

Wellness and pool areas in the hotels may be used, after the opening of the accommodation establishments, in compliance with the distance and hygiene measures.

An FFP2 mask must be worn in openly accessible indoor areas, such as in the entrance and cloakroom area, and adherence to the minimum distance of one meter is required. Excluded from the mouth&nose protection obligation are wet rooms such as showers and swimming pools, as well as when doing exercise itself. In indoor areas, pools and spas there is a capacity restriction of 20m² per visitor.

The same conditions apply for entering fitness areas in accommodation establishments.

Separate special rules apply to the practice of team sports or contact sports, which can be found here under section 8.

Does the testing obligation apply to all types of accommodation – for example, overnight stays at campsites or at alpine pastures and refuges?

Supervised campsites and also alpine pastures or refuges are also subject to mandatory testing, according to the Ministry of Health’s rules. However, in pure accommodation without service, a valid negative test must be presented only once upon arrival. However, if a further service is used during the stay (see above), a valid negative test must be presented again in each case.

Are there upper limits for groups of guests?

There is no upper limit for the group of guests in accommodation establishments. The permissible number of guests is defined by the existing bed capacity in the respective accommodation. In any case, the minimum distance between persons who do not form a guest group must be observed. However, it should be noted that upper limits of persons apply to events (e.g. birthday or wedding parties) (§ 13 COVID-19-ÖV). A deliberate gathering in an accommodation establishment in order to exceed the aforementioned upper limit of persons for events contradicts the recommendation made by the federal government.

Where can I get information on cancellation policies?

The greatest possible planning security for our guests is of great concern to us in SalzburgerLand. Many accommodation establishments have already relaxed their cancellation conditions and are thus responding to the current situation, which naturally entails an increased need for flexibility.

In the case of individual trips, however, (unlike package holidays) there is no expressly regulated right of cancellation, e.g. in the event of a travel warning. For personal support, please ask about the specific cancellation conditions directly at your chosen accommodation and preferably before booking.

The European Consumer Centre in Austria has also set up a hotline for this particular situation. If you have any questions, please contact the experts there: +43 1 5887781 or online at: or in Germany on

Are there special Covid-19 travel insurance policies?

The “Hotelstorno Plus” insurance of the European Travel Insurance offers additional help and support for your hotel stay for up to 31 days. This is for example, in the event of cancellation, an involuntary holiday extension and in case of mountain emergency. Information can be found here.

ÖAMTC Protection Letter (Austria)

If, during a trip to Austria, the holiday destination cannot be exited or is quarantined by the authorities or the journey home cannot be started as planned, the ÖAMTC Protection Letter covers the additional accommodation costs for the holder and accompanying persons from 1st June 2020 to 30th April 2021. More info.

ADAC Plus (Germany)

Additional accommodation and travel costs incurred during a trip due to a Corona-related quarantine regulation will be covered. In addition, the Covid-19 test costs will be covered if this makes it possible to travel home. This offer does not apply if there was a travel warning for the country or specific location before departure. A maximum of € 500 per person and per case will be covered. The cover is limited until the end of 2020.