Safe Gastronomy

Rules for restaurants and huts

This is how you can enjoy Alpine cuisine in SalzburgerLand with a clear conscience. See how our restaurateurs prepare for the reopening and what measures apply in restaurants.

Are restaurants and ski huts currently open?

Currently and up to 11th April 2021, all catering establishments must remain closed. These measures are currently being followed as a major effort to contain the Corona pandemic in Austria.

In the gastronomy industry, take away is allowed between 06:00 and 19:00, and delivery service is also possible outside these hours.

More detailed regulations for gastronomy and lots of other useful information can be found on Ö as well as on safe websites.

What arrangements are the restaurants in SalzburgerLand making for reopening?

As soon as a reopening of our accommodation and gastronomy establishments is allowed, you can be sure that a safe holiday for our guests is the ultimate goal, on which we are working together in SalzburgerLand.

The Covid-Board SalzburgerLand, which includes experts from the relevant fields of tourism, health, public authorities and politics have created measures and recommendations for the gastronomy industry for the prevention of Covid-19. >> You can view this catalogue of measures here.

What measures are taken to protect guests?

In all restaurants or ski huts, attention is paid to the legally prescribed table distances and separators (e.g. glass panels) have been installed. Wearing a mouth&nose mask is mandatory for all service personnel.

It is expected that from the re-opening of gastronomy, a maximum of 6 to 10 adults will be allowed to sit together at a table. Furthermore, a guest registration must be carried out.

The exact regulations on the part of the Austrian federal government are still pending and will be published here as soon as possible.

What do I have to do when I sit down at or get up from the table?

When entering the restaurant or ski hut, approaching or leaving the table, the minimum distance of two metres must be observed in relation to all other persons who do not live in the same household or who are not part of your group.

Guests must also wear a mouth&nose mask when entering and leaving, only while seated at the tables themselves may this be removed.

Where can food be consumed? Are self-service areas or buffets allowed?

Food and drinks are served indoors only at the seating.

Self-service is permitted if special hygienic precautions minimise the risk of infection. This can include, among other things:

  • Removal with single-use gloves
  • Cleaning the hands at a disinfectant dispenser directly in front of the buffet station
  • Disposable cutlery

However, food and beverage consumption may only take place at the tables.

Are ski huts also equipped for the coming season?

Even though the ski areas in SalzburgerLand are currently open and cable cars are in operation, this does not apply to ski huts. Like all catering establishments, they must remain closed until at least 11th April 2021 and are also not allowed to offer take-away in order to prevent larger crowds – for example, when picking up or consuming food and drinks in the vicinity of the hut. For legal reasons, exceptions are only made for those establishments that are located on a public road.

Will there be Aprés Ski this season?

The experience of last season has shown that, unfortunately, it is precisely such celebrations in a confined space that contribute to the spread of Covid-19. In Austria and SalzburgerLand, of course, the appropriate lessons have been learned from this, and thus Aprés Ski as we know it, will definitely not exist in the 2020/21 season.

Are employees in tourism companies regularly tested?

For several months now, Austria has been offering a test setup called “Safe Hospitality”, in which employees of hotel and gastronomy companies can be tested voluntarily once a week.

Tourism companies can display their participation in the weekly Covid tests to their guests with the official “Safe Hospitality” badge.