Safe departure

Travel information on leaving SalzburgerLand

Relaxed and carefree - just as the holiday in SalzburgerLand was, so should the journey home also be. This information can be helpful for this.

What should I consider when checking out of my accommodation?

  • If possible, use an online checkout to reduce congestion at the reception. Please check with your accommodation company directly if this option exists
  • If possible, make use of the contactless handover of keys and keycards at holiday apartments and houses
  • If possible, pay contactless with ATM/debit or credit card

Are there international travel warnings for SalzburgerLand and what does this mean for me on my return journey?

An overview of current entry restrictions for some European countries (excerpt) on return from Austria:


  • Travel warning for the whole of Austria
  • At least five days quarantine, only afterwards can a negative Covid-19 test exempt you from quarantine. The maximum duration of isolation is reduced from 14 to ten days for this
  • Completion of a digital entry declaration prior to return to Germany is required by order of the German Federal Ministry of Health
  • Additionally, mandatory testing upon entry was introduced (two-test policy). The obligation to test on entry can be fulfilled by testing within 48 hours before arrival or by testing immediately after arrival. The obligation to enter a ten-day quarantine remains. The legal situation in the individual states is referred to on this page of the German Federal Government


  • Travel warning for SalzburgerLand and some other Austrian federal states
  • On return from risk areas, a one-week home quarantine for travellers (not replaceable by negative PCR test)
  • Report to cantonal authorities within 2 days and follow their instructions


  • Travel warning for all of Austria, colour code Orange
  • 10-day home quarantine for travellers (not exchangeable with negative PCR test)
  • Those arriving by airplane, bus or train must provide a negative PCR test (max. 72 hours old). This rule also applies to passengers transiting to airports in the Netherlands. Those arriving by car do not need a test


  • Travel warning for all of Austria, colour code Red
  • Travel is strongly discouraged
  • In the course of online registration (Passenger Locator Form), the local authority decides whether travellers must be in a 10-day quarantine upon arrival

United Kingdom:

  • Travel warning for the whole of Austria
  • Registration requirement for travellers from Austria
  • 14-day quarantine obligation for arrivals from Austria
  • No possibility of testing as a quarantine exemption

Travel warnings from other countries and restrictions on return from SalzburgerLand are currently in force also for guests from Denmark and Sweden (among others).

Border closures: Since 14th January, cross-border travel is heavily restricted on most borders to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Checks are made at all open border controls. Further information and an overview of the open border controls can be found here.

>> A clear overview of all current entry regulations and travel warnings can be found here.

Where can I get more information about leaving Austria for my home country?

Detailed information can be found on the following pages: Federal Ministry of Tourism, Federal Ministry of the Interior, Ö, the State of Salzburg and the ÖAMTC.