Outdoor Bucket List for Saalfelden Leogang

9 blogger tips for action-packed days in the region

Saalfelden Leogang is an all-rounder in terms of outdoor experiences and sports activities. Whether it’s biking in all facets, leisurely hiking or a challenging mountain tour - the right offer is there for every need. Six motivated bloggers were on the road under the "Bike & Hike" motto and spent action-packed hours in the region. These are their tips for an outdoor weekend in Saalfelden Leogang.

#1 Take a Sunrise Hike

When the sun rises over the early morning fog cover in the mountains, feelings of happiness are guaranteed. The only challenge is not to turn over in bed again when the alarm rings at 02:30. But once you are on your feet, nothing stands in the way of an extended sunrise hike. The bloggers start at 03:30 from the Lindlalm in Leogang towards Spielberghorn. Equipped with headlamps and warm clothing, they head upwards for about two hours until they reach the summit at 2,044 metres in time for sunrise. Then, it’s about waiting and taking a lot of time, because you just can’t get enough of this natural spectacle. Tip: On the way down into the valley, stop in at the Lindlalm for breakfast. And it is essential to try the Almwuzl (Kaiserschmarrn), as this delicacy is well known far and wide.

© SalzburgerLand Tourism, Fräulein Flora – @markusranalter captures the sunrise

© SalzburgerLand Tourism, Fräulein Flora – Sunrise on the Spielberghorn

#2 Enjoy the natural cinema on the Sonnkogel

Sit down, enjoy and escape from everyday life. This is how easy it is to switch off in Saalfelden Leogang, at the Natural Cinema on the Sonnkogel. The big cinema screen is replaced here by a breathtaking panorama and the Hollywood stars by pure nature. Instead of sitting in tight upholstered chairs, you sit on comfortable wooden loungers and linger as long as you want. We do not need to mention that a happy ending is guaranteed here. By the way, you can get to the natural cinema via the Asitzbahn or the Steinbergbahn cable cars, via the Leo’s Spielewanderweg or across the big Asitz. Sounds good? We think so, too!

© SalzburgerLand Tourism, Chris Perkles – Saalach Valley High Alpine Trail, Leogang

#3 Explore the Asitz

The Asitz is the Leoganger local mountain and offers a lot to discover across several stages. At the valley station, bikers really get their money’s worth at the Riders Playground, while also at the middle station it is action-packed. This is where the starting point of the Flying Fox XXL is located along with the starting point of many hikes. There are refreshments in the Stöcklalm and while exploring the Senses Park and the Peaceful Waters at the Asitz you can let your soul dangle. The mountain station offers an amazing panorama as well as the famous view of the reservoir at the summit. In addition, many downhill trails start here and great tasting delicacies are available in the Alte Schmiede or the Asitzbräu.

#4 Swinging across the valley with the Flying Fox XXL

The bloggers get an adrenaline rush on the Flying Fox XXL at the middle station of the Asitz. This is one of the fastest and longest steel rope slides in the world. From the start, you swing down into the valley at up to 130 km/h, and this at an altitude of up to 143 metres. Your view should however not wander downwards, but up to the surrounding landscape. This you can really enjoy during the flight. Ready, steady, go!

© SalzburgerLand Tourism, Fräulein Flora – @bouncing_betti at the Flying Fox XXL in Leogang

#5 Breathe in the Downhill air in the Bikepark

Early practice is required when you want to become a real Downhill rider. And the Bikepark Leogang really offers everything you need. On the Riders Playground at the Astiz valley station you can try out the first curves and slowly master the mountain trails. There are practice trails at different levels of difficulty, a pump track and lots of tips from the professionals. They show the bloggers how to ride correctly into a curve, where to focus their view and what else to consider. After a few hours of practice, it’s time for the first real trail.

© Saalfelden Leogang Touristik, Michael Geißler – Bikepark Leogang

#6 Tackle a Downhill Trail

Around the Asitz there are a lot of different Downhill routes – some of them start at the middle station and some others at the mountain station. But you don’t have to push the bike all the way up, as thanks to the bike gondola it’s a bit more comfortable going up. On the Steinberg Line by FOX, the Hang Man II and the Flow Link trails, the bloggers practice what they have learned and ride through the forest, uphill and down dale into the valley. The result? A real experience of success with many moments of happiness. And some enthusiastic Neo-Downhillers.

© SalzburgerLand Tourism, Fräulein Flora – Downhill Biking in Leogang

#7 Get to know the regional cuisine

If you are on the go a lot in the fresh air, you will automatically get hungry. Luckily, there are plenty of culinary hotspots in Saalfelden Leogang that quickly fill your empty stomach. The traditional “hut food” is typical for the region, where meat is fried on a cast-iron “hat”. If you should drop it however, you have to buy a round of Schnapps! The bloggers soon get the hang of it and enjoy the food at Huwi’s Alm in the mountain village of Priesteregg. There are also many direct providers in the region, such as small village shops or organic farms that offer homemade food. Saalfelden Leogang also has its own seal of approval, which guarantees consumers of the regional origin. The bloggers visit the HPH farm shop of Miranda Heugenhauser-Stevens in Saalfelden, where this Dutch-born lady sells her specially made butter, cream cheese, pots, organic eggs, bread and more. Of course, everything can be tasted beforehand, which the bloggers simply couldn’t ignore.

© SalzburgerLand Tourism, Fräulein Flora – Hut food on Huwi’s Alm

© SalzburgerLand Tourism, Fräulein Flora – HPH Farm shop in Saalfelden

#8 Explore the region on an E-bike

In the bike region of Saalfelden Leogang, there is of course more than just one style of cycling. That’s why the bloggers explore the area the next day on E-mountain bikes. They pass several viewpoints, ride through forests and along beautiful cycle routes. And during the tour there is still time for a detour to the hermitage in Saalfelden, before heading back to Leogang on those two wheels. And when your legs get tired, just switch up one motor gear and let the bike do the work. Very handy! By the way, you can rent E-bikes and E-mountain bikes at Sport Mitterer in Leogang.

@Clemens king; E-bike pleasure tour from host to host

#9 Visit the Saalfelden Alpaca Stable

Alpacas are sooo fluffy! The bloggers encounter these curious animals together with their owners Monika and Gerhard Wimmer at the Alpaca Stable Saalfelden. There, these herd animals are always happy to get visits. As part of a guided tour of the farm, the bloggers learn everything one needs to know about these wool suppliers from the Andes. Afterwards, everyone is allowed to lead an alpaca through the enclosure – this is the highlight of the day! There is also a farm shop on-site where alpaca wool hoods, gloves, socks, clothes, etc. are sold.

© SalzburgerLand Tourism, Fräulein Flora – Alpaca Stable Saalfelden

© SalzburgerLand Tourism, Fräulein Flora – Alpaca walk in Saalfelden

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