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Organic Paradise Farms

Inviting Farms and Country Estates

Relaxation and recovery in unspoilt nature. Honest hospitality and authentic encounters. Peace and time for yourself. Whoever seeks all this, will find it in an Organic Farmhouse Holiday. The density of organicly managed farms is unique. If you want to, you can get up early and help out with looking after the animals, and at the same time learn how sustainable farming is possible in harmony with nature’s treasures. It’s a little easier when sitting down to an organic breakfast. A hike on a Herb Adventure Path is very enlightening. And the evening get-together in the farmhouse lounge is especially atmospheric.

Stiedlbauerhof, Seeham
Organic Farm Sauschneider, St. Margarethen
Suppangut, Mariapfarr
Kleintödlinggut, Leogang
Herzoghof, Leogang
bijoFarm, Fusch
Sinnlehenhof, Leogang
Bambichlhof, Fuschl am See
Farmhouses in the Organic village of Seeham,

Show Farms in Flachgau:
Organic Beekeeping Bienenlieb, Salzburg
Thurerhof, Seeham
Esserbauer, St. Georgen
Aicherbauer, Seeham
Joglbauer, Obertrum
Wirthenstätten, Seekirchen
Mattigtaler Dairy Farm, Seekirchen
Mayerlehenhütte, Hintersee
Unterreichertinger, Hallwang
Organic Farm Gschaid, Seekirchen
Kastnerbauer, Anif
Loithramgut, Elsbethen

Show Farms in Pinzgau:
Kräuterhof Lutzbauer, Unken
bijoFarm, Fusch
Kalchkendlalm, Rauris
Sinnlehenhof, Leogang
Jaidbachalm, Krimml
Walchengut, Maishofen

Show Farms in Tennengau:
Niederunteregg, Adnet
Bauernbräu, Hallein
Fürstenhof, Kuchl
Wallmannhof, Gaissau

Show Farms in Lungau:
Kämpferhof, Tamsweg
Trimmingerhof, Tamsweg
Sauschneiderhof, St. Margarethen
Hiasnhof, Göriach

Show Farms in Pongau:
Untergrubgut, St. Veit
Steinergut, Radstadt

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