Organic Paradise 3-4 Star Hotels

Hotels with the highest comfort

In no other county in Austria can you find a higher density of organic businesses than in SalzburgerLand. It’s no wonder then that here you will find a real Organic Paradise. Organic producers and hosts reach out to make organic available for everyone. Top-class Organic Hotels offer sustainable holiday pleasures in every perspective. Every business in the Salzburger Organic Paradise is a member of Bio-Austria which guarantees the highest quality organic produce through independent control authorities.

The butterfly is the symbol for organic holidays:

The blue butterfly invites you for a Salzburger organic breakfast, full of fresh organic delicacies from local producers.

The green butterfly
stands for all-day organic offers which are complemented by conventional selections for real organic fans.

The organge butterfly symbolises 100% organic pleasure. All meals and drinks come from organic farms straight to the table – ideally in season and locally grown.

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