On hot wheels over mountains and valleys

SalzburgerLand’s scenic high-Alpine are perfect for a road trip, and offer up the most amazing panoramic views

The winding roads of SalzburgerLand offer up a real treat for all those who have been bitten by the motoring bug. The mountain and valley passes with their panoramic views of imposing peaks, extending green valleys, glistening lakes and traditional quaint villages, do not just serve the purpose of getting people from A to B. They are in fact true architectural masterpieces and some of the absolute highlights of the Alps. Anyone who has ever travelled these gems whether in a sports vehicle, vintage car, bog-standard people carrier or on the back of a motorbike, will be able to attest to this. Ride these thoroughfares once and you’ll be raring to come back for more. With no further ado, here are some of SalzburgerLand’s most beautiful panoramic roads and routes. Behind the wheel, buckle up, ready, steady, go!

The Grossglockner High-Alpine Road

At 3,798 m the Grossglockner is the highest mountain in Austria, and a real jewel amongst day trips in the SalzburgerLand district. The high-alpine scenic road takes you up to 2,504 m and offers up 48 km of pure driving pleasure with 36 switchbacks. Surrounded by imposing 3,000 m-mountains, you’ll pass through the world of Grossglockner, which is incredibly rich in contrast. Amongst the many highlights on your intensive driving experience you’ll encounter green meadows, imposing rock faces, huge glaciers, gentle curves and steep ascents. Regardless of whether you’re behind the wheel of a sports car, vintage car or on the saddle of a motorbike, you’d be hard pressed not to fall under the spell of the ‘King of the Mountains’ and all you encounter in his world.

Tip: The Grossglockner High-Alpine Road is especially impressive in springtime, when metres-high walls of snow flank both sides of the road.

Stubachtal Scenic Road

The Stubachtal is generally described as having some of the most beautiful landscapes of all the Tauern valleys. This 17 km-long valley is home to 18 lakes, 25 glaciers, waterfalls, gorges and canyons. Visitors can enjoy imposing views of the countless 3,000-m peaks of the Weissee Glacier World at scenic stops along the way.

The Postalm Scenic Road

This road was opened in 1988, and has been maintained in excellent condition. The Postalm Scenic Road connects the villages of Abtenau and Strobl.  Although it is a toll road, it is well worth traversing, offering up unique views of Salzburg’s Alpine world. You can enjoy views of the Bischofsmütze and Dachstein Massif from Europe’s second-largest high mountain plateau. Sustainability and respectful interaction with nature and wildlife are a priority here. Numerous footpaths and hiking trails are located just off the scenic road, giving you the opportunity to set off into the open pastures. You can stop off at Postalm’s Activity Centre which has an impressive breadth of activities, including workshops, mountain bike and hiking tours, paragliding taster classes and individual guided tours. Rustic self-catering huts provide an ideal retreat for your holiday or for business-related events. This is an absolute must for every trip through SalzburgerLand.

The most beautiful routes

Around the Grossglockner

It must be the dream of every biker to ride the Grossglockner High-Alpine Road just once in their life.  The most motorbike-friendly pass in all the Alps, this offers up breath-taking views.  It takes you on a 280km-tour from Zell am See, through Bruck and Fusch, up to Hochtor and then down to Heiligenblut.  Passing through Sankt Lorenzen im Lesachtal you will finally arrive in Lienz, where you can make your way back to Zell am See via Winklern and Hochtor.

Salzburg-Styria Tour

This route which takes you over 330 km leaves nothing to be desired. First you travel through the Salzburg Lake District and then with your bike or fast car over the Pötschen Pass and Sölpass before coming to Mondsee, Wolfgangsee, Ausseerland, Enns Valley, Werfen and Hallein. This is a wonderful tour for all those who want to see as much as possible when out and about.

Salzburg-Tirol Tour

This curvy route gives you the opportunity to compare Salzburg’s mountains with those of Tirol. Along the way you’ll have unparalleled views and be able to see so many natural monuments. The 380-km route takes you from Seekirchen, past Bad Raichenhall, Lofer, St. Johann in Tirol, Kitzbühel, Zell am See, Mühlbach, Werden, Pass Lueg, Hallein,Wiestal and then back to Seekirchen.

Salzkammergut Tour

This route wends its way elegantly between the lakes of the Salzkammergut. One of the most beautiful drives the SalzburgerLand has to offer and with rest stops that are equally as magical, bikers have been flocking to it for years. Starting off at Abentau, the route goes through Gosau and Bad Ischgl to St. Gilgen and Wolfgangsee. After Hof near Salzburg it goes to Wiestalstausee and Hallein and you’ll return back to Abentau after a good 190 km on the road.

Motorbike- and car-friendly SalzburgerLand

Passionate motorbike and car drivers won’t just find the most beautiful mountain passes and routes through the Alps, they will also be wonderfully well received here and feel totally at ease. Many hotels offer up lockable garages, so that you can leave your vehicle safely locked up so you can just concentrate on relaxing and unwinding.

Should you get a puncture underway a network of qualified repair shops will ensure that you’re quickly behind the wheel again.

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