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Music and Events

When the rustic mountain huts in SalzburgerLand are transformed into a top-class art space

"Aufg’spüt wird!" (‘let’s play!’) is what they say on the pastures in SalzburgerLand when the musicians grab their instruments and the yodelling echoes through the clear mountain air at the numerous Alpine Summer festivals. But the mountain pastures with their grandiose panorama are also an ideal stage for fine jazz sounds, readings, theatre performances or artistic workshops. The natural and romantic landscape around the rustic mountain huts in SalzburgerLand, far from noise and hectic life, provides the ideal backdrop for a musical feast for the ears.

Even the Salzburg Festival couldn’t offer a more impressive backdrop for performances and concerts: mighty mountain peaks, billowing clouds, rolling green meadows and peacefully grazing cows. As soon as the very first bars of music are heard, a pleasant exhilaration spreads in the body and all the senses enjoy the music. A light breeze sweeps across the mountain pasture and softly transmits the sounds to the ascending hikers who accelerate their steps with anticipation. Alpine Summer in SalzburgerLand is perfectly staged in the huts. Classical music unfolds its full spectrum on the mountain, jazz elements are heightened as they entwine with the environment and theatrical drama is given a further twist by wind, weather and sunlight.

The mountains as art space

Where incredibly wide landscapes set no limits to the view, the mind frees up and the power of the mountains turns into a scenic amplifier for artistic impressions. Up here, what you hear is unfiltered and genuine. At the mountain hut table, you come closer together and are not separated from the artists by a stage – you form a common art space with everyone at eye level.

The top 5 events on the mountain pastures in SalzburgerLand

Alm Konzerte – Jazzfestival Saalfelden

The legendary jazz festival in Saalfelden has been held for many years in the mountains with international jazz greats. The partly experimental sounds, combined with breathtaking views, make these concerts a visual highlight of the jazz weekend. Exhilarated by the music, the audience wanders back to the valley after the concert.

@lm: Kultur – Art meets Mountain Pastures in Leogang

In Leogang, only a few kilometres away, the art and culture project featuring the slogan Tradition meets modernity fulfils musical and creative needs every summer. There is dancing in the picturesque huts, you listen to readings, challenge your voice at a yodelling course or enjoy hearty and delicious Alpine produce during the finest musical treats.

Mountains in flames

Every year, during the summer solstice in June, the mountainous regions of SalzburgerLand traditionally welcome the astronomical beginning of summer with countless mountain bonfires. Hundreds of mountaineers and mountain rescuers ensure that the fires can be lit on command, even in exposed areas of the mountains. It is a breathtaking sight when entire mountain range slowly shows its glowing outline in the black night sky. In many places, summer solstice is accompanied with concerts and merry get-togethers in the mountains.

Werfenwenger Weis

The Werfenwenger Weis could just as well be called the festival of folk culture. The traditional event recurring every three years has been host in September to many singers, musicians, folk dancers and craftsmen from throughout the Alpine region for over 20 years. Audiences are delighted by artists for a week within the wonderful scenery of the Tennen Mountains.

Alpine Classics Gastein

When the sunrays start getting softer and autumn begins to arrive, the musicians of the Salzburg Philharmonic pack their instruments and hike with them up the mountains in Bad Hofgastein. There on the rustic Alpine pastures, they give classical concerts accompanied by traditional folk music groups. Visitors evening wear includes mountain boots, sparkling wine with home-made elderberry juice and the concert hall of the rustic Alpine hut.


If you would like to find the best event for you, check out all the Alpine Summer events here.


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