@Outdoor-Consulting - tubing down the Lammer river

In the wild waters of the Lammer river

Tubing down the Lammer River

Up for an adventure? We took a look at tubing for you, a fun activity provided by the OCT Outdoor Consulting Team in Abtenau. We jumped into giant swim rings, prepared for an adrenaline rush and threw ourselves into the raging torrents of the Lammer river.

It’s getting adventurous

Alright, “raging” might have been a bit of an exaggeration, “but there are quite a few wild spots along the tour,” explains general manager Thomas Humer.

And that’s also how a few of the participants in our group ended up getting thrown off their rings rather involuntarily and swallowed a bit of water. But that wasn’t really a problem because we had, after all, taken a few white water swimming lessons just before the beginning of our adventure: with the life jacket on the back, feet first, butt up and let yourself drift, and as soon as you find a spot where the current gets weaker: turn on your belly and crawl, crawl, crawl. But the first commandment is and will always be: don’t let go of your ring!

Take it easy

Then we hop into the tubing ring and make it through the Voglau ravine. You do get an uneasy feeling in your stomach when you start paddling for the first time. “You know you’ve gone too far when you start swallowing salt water,” our guide Matthias Dolif explains to us as he smiles while showing us how to paddle properly, “but you won’t even get that far — we have to get out before the Lammer ravine in Schefau, because that’s where tubers die.” Well, isn’t that reassuring?

But, of course, the three guides are always with our group, so we’re all safe. And then it finally starts. In the beginning, we are still busy waving around with our paddles like crazy. “Take it easy!” Humer advised. And, as time passes, things slowly start to improve. And then the current suddenly gets faster. “Those who prefer the hardcore route should keep to the left,” Dolif explains while going ahead, “to the right, the current gets more cosy.”

With the Airboard into the winter

Well, “cosy” we can do at home: into the current on the left! It’s a whole lot of fun and slowly but surely everyone gets more relaxed with a huge grin on their face.

Pond hopping

Then we put the rubber rings aside to embark upon a little canyoning tour. Together, we hike through the Aubachschlucht canyon all the way to a nice pond where everyone gets the chance to take a dive. And then it’s time to turn back again in order to complete the last route in our tubing rings to the exit point just before the Lammer ravine.

So, what do you need for tubing? A towel and swimming trunks or a bathing suit or a bikini. The rest is provided by OCT. Even during Winter, OCT can offer a lot of activities, but then you get to explore the water in its solid state: snow. “Our Airboard is particularly popular,” says Thomas Humer. We are already looking forward to giving it a try.

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