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Hut cuisine at its finest


In SalzburgerLand, a perfect day of skiing begins at breakfast, continues in a rustic ski hut after descending some sun-drenched slopes, and ends on a culinary journey through the region in one of the cosy restaurants. As glorious as SalzburgerLand’s ski resorts are, the most beautiful days of the year are only complete when topped off with delicacies and specialities from the local cuisine. What could be better than to be spoiled by all number of culinary delights after all that exercise?  Quite…

What exactly is a “perfect day of skiing”? Getting out of bed in the morning can be a real struggle for many people. Especially when on holiday, most would rather just roll over again to try to delay the start to the day a bit more. But it’s no good. Anybody who experiences winter in SalzburgerLand will want to make the most of it and not be the last to the lift and on the slopes. It certainly makes it easier to get out of bed when you’re awoken by the glorious aroma of fresh coffee and newly baked bread rolls. The hosts in the region’s hotels and guest houses go to great lengths to make the start of the day a bit easier, to sweeten the deal, even. After all, you need strength to carve your first turns in the snow. It’s a good start…

quintessential salzburg “HÜTTENGAUDI” (traditional hut festivities)

Once you’ve started your day and are strapped into your skis, there’s practically no stopping you now. You’re raring to conquer blue, red and even black slopes, practise new techniques and tricks and smash your personal speed record from last year.  But there comes a point, even when you’re having the time of your life skiing, that your energy will start to dwindle. Now you’re desperate for a break. It’s excellent that just around the next corner in all of SalzburgerLand’s ski resorts there is one of the many ski huts that caters for this issue. “Kaspressknödelsuppen” (fried cheese dumplings in broth), “Kasnocken” (cheese dumplings), sausages and all sorts of pastries and other specialities are waiting to be devoured. How about feeling a famous “Salzburger Nockerl” (sweet soufflé eaten as a dessert) melting in your mouth? The ski huts are the perfect place for this!

Vegan culinary pit-stops

The Hochkönig region offers a very special vegan pit-stop for all fans of this type of cuisine. Numerous businesses down in the valley have completely rewritten their menus and now offer a varied range of vegan and vegetarian fare alongside traditional delicacies. Some ski huts have also joined them in thinking outside the (lunch)box and using the mountain heights of their imagination to become active in culinary terms in this area. So now you can feel confident, both during the summer and winter in various huts, to leave meat and animals products aside and indulge in meals such as sesame falafel with hummus or lentil stew with fried onions. These dishes were previously seen as more exotic in terms of Alpine cuisine.


Feeling reinvigorated, it’s back to the slopes, knowing that the next food-related highlight awaits in the evening. After a swim in the hotel pool or a short nap to rest up, it’s time to gather in one of the restaurants or guesthouses again in order to get to know SalzburgerLand’s culinary side better. It’s not just about what the chefs try to wow you with again today. It’s also about having a good time sitting together, catching up and going over the day you’ve had. The local delicacies do their part in making the evening an all-round success. That’s how every day becomes a “perfect day of skiing” time and again. Then finally you fall into bed tired, but full of anticipation of being woken up again the next morning with the glorious aroma of fresh coffee and newly baked bread rolls.



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