How not to

Safety first. Therefore watch our winter guide videos.

Winter time is winter sports time. Unique winter landscapes invite us to feel the freedom and enjoy nature to its full. There are tips and rules to get prepared for your ski adventure and to ensure everyone arrives in the valley safely as well as to guarantee fun in the mountains in harmony with nature and with all due respect for animals. As beautiful as the landscape is, always stay attentive when skiing on the slopes.

This is how (NOT) to ski

Things move fast on the slopes in SalzburgerLand. All generations love the slopes in SalzburgerLand and everyone wants to get to the next cable car quickly in order to enjoy another wonderful descent.  Proper protective equipment and full attention is necessary if we want to avoid injuries. Certain rules make sure that we can enjoy the mountains and at the same time protect ourselves and other winter sports enthusiasts. Skiing pleasure is guaranteed when you ski carefully on icy conditions and stay in the secured ski area. Adjust your speed and wear a helmet on your head to protect you in the event of a fall.

This is how (NOT) to go cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiers will find a true paradise and can enjoy more than 2,200 km of classic and skating tracks. No matter where you are or where you are planning to spend your vacation: everyone will find their very individual cross-country paradise here. Hardly any other sport can be practiced in so many facets as cross-country skiing. The spectrum ranges from leisurely skiing and enjoying the beautiful nature to sporty ambitious gliding through the trails to high-performance sports and highly competitive competitions.


This is how (NOT) to go tobogganing

Who doesn’t love it, tobogganing? Hiking up the mountain together with friends or family, warming up a little at the top in the cozy hut, and then sledding back down to the valley. In SalzburgerLand, toboggan runs in its most diverse variations fulfil your various wishes and ensure that everyone gets their money’s worth on the natural toboggan runs as well as on the specially created toboggan runs. If you want, you can rent a toboggan in the valley or bring your own and set out on the way up with good shoes. It is especially comfortable to take the gondola to the start of the toboggan run.

This is how (NOT) to snowshoe

For purists and nature lovers, winter hiking and snowshoeing is just the very thing: breathing clear winter air, getting away from everyday life and enjoying the silence. Almost everywhere, paths are well-groomed for extended hikes – either away from the ski slopes or alongside them, inviting you to indulge in a magical winter walk. Make sure you get the right equipment in advance and listen to an expert´s introduction.

This is how (NOT) to go Ski touring

The ascent to the lofty heights, the complete silence on the mountain, the moment when you finally stand at the top and indulge in silence and beauty of the snowcovered mountain peaks. An extraordinary experience! But before you dare to embark on the adventure of ski touring, it is important to keep an eye on safety and to plan carefully. That´s why we and the Salzburg Mountain Rescue have collected information about 10 TO DOs you shall always stick to when starting your ski tour.  From planning the appropriate ski tour to checking your equipment or rules about mountain behaviour.


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