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10 blogger highlights in winter

A fantastic view of an imposing mountain, deep-snow slopes and warm hospitality. The Hochkönig region has plenty of highlights to offer in winter. On 120 kilometres of perfectly groomed ski slopes, you can spend many beautiful hours. A group of sports bloggers explored the region for four days. For us, they have summarised their personal Hochkönig Bucket List.

#1 Hiking to the Jufenalm

There is nothing better than an extensive winter hike, during which you can enjoy fantastic views of the mountain and valley. If this kind of image gets you in the mood, then a tour of the Jufenalm in Maria Alm is just perfect. The starting point is at the mountain station of the Natrunbahn and in less than an hour your destination is reached. Refreshment can be taken in the Jufenalm, for example, with a hearty meal. Meat is fried on a hat-shaped grill, just like with a raclette. But woe betide the one who drops the meat, as that costs a round of Schnapps.

© SalzburgerLand Tourism – Jufenalm in Maria Alm

#2 Standing eye-to-eye with a deer

Those who visit the Jufenalm cannot avoid the four-legged occupants of the house. In the large-scale game enclosure, stag, deer and others await visitors. These majestic animals are not shy at all and can even be fed from the fence with a bit of luck. In the stable, baby goats, rabbits, ponies and other sweet little creatures are also waiting to be petted.

© SalzburgerLand Tourism – Wildlife Enclosure on the Jufenalm

#3 Night tobogganing

The way from the Jufenalm down into the valley can be shortened wonderfully with a sledge. On the 2.5 km long and well-groomed natural toboggan run, you head down at high speed. In the evening, the track is illuminated so that nothing stands in the way of a fun night-trip. House guests of the Jufenalm can rent sledges for free, with other visitors paying just € 6 Euros for the rental.

#4 Tasting your way through the Hochkönig huts

Skiing and exercise in the fresh air create one thing above all else – hunger. Luckily, in the Hochkönig region you definitely won’t go hungry. There are plenty of huts and restaurants that cater for their visitors excellently. In the modern “Die Deantnerin” the Kaspressknödel Soup is especially recommended, with entertaining anecdotes from the landlord coming free of charge. The new TOM Alm hut combines modern architecture with an exceptional menu. And there is a stately menu even for vegans. The region also boasts a variety of cuisine, both on and off the slopes.

© SalzburgerLand Tourism – Kasnockn in the TOM Alm hut

#5 Try freeriding

Whirl down unspoilt slopes in the deep snow and get that feeling of endless freedom. What you have seen in those cool skiing videos, is what you can try out yourself in Hochkönig. If you have never tried Freeriding, it is best to borrow the right equipment on-site. Freeride skis are wider and heavier than regular skis, and for good reason. Tip – the local ski guides know the region like the back of their hand. They are ideal guides if you want to go off the prepared slopes.

© SalzburgerLand Tourism – Freeriding in Hochkönig

#6 Going on a ski tour

Ski touring is quickly becoming a sports trend par excellence. More and more people are discovering the sport for themselves and preferring to climb the slopes on their own on skis and furs instead of taking the lift. The ascent next to the ski slope usually offers little variety, whereas a tour through the forest is much more attractive. In Hochkönig, the trail from the Filzensattel to the Steinbockalm is suitable for beginners and experienced people. And for those who haven’t had enough on reaching the top, you can go on a bit further from the Steinbockalm.

© SalzburgerLand Tourism – Ski Tour in Hochkönig

#7 Be The Early Bird

Getting up early is rarely fun, unless there is a special incentive calling. In the mountains you should at least once experience the magic of a sunrise with clear skies. There are few things more beautiful than the slow awakening of a ski area, as the pink sky kisses the surrounding peaks. You can travel up the mountain in the early morning either by car, by ski tour or on foot. Take out your camera, enjoy the atmosphere and sniff fresh mountain air – what a way to start the day!

© SalzburgerLand Tourism – View from the Steinbockalm down into the valley

#8 Taking the King’s Tour

Everyone wants to experience it, the perfect day of skiing. Ski amadé has done some preparation to save you researching tours and huts. So, you can choose from ready-made “Made my day” packages or simply start the King’s Tour. The circuit leads across 35 continuous kilometres of slopes over six peaks around the Hochkönig. You should be somewhat sporty to tackle it and preferably not eat too much Kaiserschmarrn beforehand. You can start the King’s Tour from Maria Alm, Mühlbach or Dienten.

#9 Tasting really good Schnapps

The quality of a Schnapps you can taste with the first sip, or you can find it on the basis of awards that the respective Schnapps has already received. The Grünegg Schnapps Distillery proudly displays both high quality and competition prizes. The Rainer family runs the distillery on the Grünegg Alm with great passion and offers not only various Schnapps flavours but also high-quality Gin varieties for tasting and for sale.

© SalzburgerLand Tourism – Schnapps Tasting on the Grünegg Alm

#10 Check in at Hotel Sepp

The SEPP Alpine Boutique Hotel is the ideal base for all outdoor activities in the Hochkönig region. This hotel has been open since September 2018 and is the hipster among the local hotels. When you enter the SEPP, you first land on the third floor where you will find the reception, lounge, restaurant and a wellness area. This is modest, but has many highlights to offer such as an infinity pool on the roof and a sauna in a converted streamline camper. The rooms are cosy and beautiful, and throughout the hotel you will find great attention to detail.

hangouts © SalzburgerLand Tourismus – Hotel SEPP Maria Alm

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