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Andreas Döllerer: Cuisine Alpine

Culinary journey through Alpine cuisine

Cusine Alpine ©Döllerer

Cuisine Alpine recipes ©Döllerer

A culinary journey through the alpine cuisine with Andreas Döllerer

In his latest cookbook “Cuisine Alpine”, Golling’s toque-awarded and internationally acclaimed chef Andreas Döllerer invites us on a culinary journey through the world of Alpine cooking.
That said, to equate “Cuisine Alpine” purely with the traditional cooking of the Alpine world is a mild understatement. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a menu created by Andreas Döllerer, or who has held one of his other cookbooks in their hands, knows that he conjures up some truly unique creations. While these masterpieces do, indeed, have their roots in the dishes that are typically served in the region’s homes and inns, what this Salzburg top chef transforms them into is clear testimony to his remarkable talent. As readers of his newest publication, we are privileged to share in a small portion of that talent. Of course, a cookbook is primarily about recipes. And even if they might appear a little complicated to the layman at first sight, they are recipes than can indeed by recreated in your own kitchen. Nonetheless, it is more likely to be “professional” hobby chefs who dare to take on the likes of “Cured Bluntau Rainbow Trout with watercress, potatoes and radishes” or “Shoulder of Venison with rowanberry & pretzel dumplings”. But for less gifted cooks, too, “Alpine Cuisine” is well worth a read. In addition to the recipes, there is much to be learned about the people who are responsible for supplying the extraordinary products which provide the foundation for Döllerer’s creations, as there is about the products themselves. Likewise, the theme of wine isn’t neglected either. And last but not least, the book provides insights into the family history of the Döllerers .
This culinary guidebook is enhanced by wonderful, evocative pictures taken by star photographer, Joerg Lehmann.

So, we invite you to join us on this excursion through the Salzburg Alps, one which requires that you bring along, not a pair of sturdy shoes, but rather a sharp knife, some pots and pans, along with rucksack full of your love for cooking.

Andreas Döllerer: Cuisine Alpine

Edition A la Carte
Photographs: Joerg Lehmann; Text: Alexander Rabl
ISBN 978–3–902469–63–2
€ 60



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