On the trail of Gruber in upper Austria

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Day 1: Hochburg-Ach
Hochburg-Ach – in 1787 Franz Xaver Gruber was born on the so-called Steinpointsölde in Hochburg-Ach. Against initial opposition from his father, a linen weaver, he was musically trained and took the profession of a teacher. In the Franz Xaver Gruber memorial house in Hochburg-Ach, the life of a poor family of linen weavers is appreciable at the time of the Napoleonic wars.
A tour on the Franz Xaver Gruber peace path “Friedensweg” makes the timeless content of the song “Silent Night” perceptible. Stations are available for each verse of the song, as well as for the worldwide
dissemination of its message of peace on all continents. In contrast are the details of the troubled times in which “Silent Night” has its origin. On an inspiring walk through all continents,
the peace path as a meditative journey to inner peace can be experienced all year round. At the end, take a visit to the parish church with the “Franz Xaver Gruber Memorial Organ”.

Day 2: Ried im Innkreis
Ried im Innkreis – here in 1806 Franz Xaver Gruber completed his apprenticeship. As in many cities of the Innviertel region, the centre of Ried is characterised by typical Bavarian Barock facades. Not until 1779, did Ried and the Innviertel come to Upper Austria. In Napoleonic times, it changed hands several times between Bavaria and Upper Austria. Also the path to Ried was full of tribulations which the crib from the Oberndorf parish church took. After the demolition of the Church, it first went into an attic and then into the collection of the vicar Johann Veichtlbauer.
He donated these objects to the town of Ried in 1933. And so it happens that the old crib, before which the world’s most famous Christmas Carol was sung for the first time, can today be seen in the Innviertler Folklore House in Ried.

Day 3: Steyr 
Steyr – during the Advent time the Silent Night journey to Steyr ends at the 1st Austrian Christmas Museum. From November 2018, there is a replica of the first text print of “Silent Night”
from the early 19th Century on show. The individual blocks/days of your tour can be freely exchanged along with adding further options.

The individual blocks/days of your tour can be freely exchanged along with adding further options.

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