Corona Virus


Here, you will find information on the current situation and answers to the most important questions about the Corona Virus in Austria and in SalzburgerLand.

The Current Situation in Salzburgerland

SalzburgerLand has taken additional measures to help contain the spread of the Corona Virus. As professional hosts, we have a special responsibility towards our guests and the population of Salzburg, and as much as we would like to welcome you here, your health takes the highest priority. The tourism in SalzburgerLand fully supports the official efforts of the state government and the international community to prevent the spread of the virus as much as possible.

We are sure that through these joint efforts and mutual consideration in our society, we can overcome this challenge within the forseeable future. There will be a time after this crisis – and in this time we will appreciate the nature, the mountains, forests, lakes, and travelling around stunning SalzburgerLand a lot more.

For your loyalty in recent years, we would like to thank you very much. We are already looking forward to greeting you here in SalzburgerLand again soon.

Until then, we wish you one thing above all – stay healthy!

See you soon in SalzburgerLand!

Questions and Answers

We are currently being asked many questions on the aforementioned measures and their effects on the SalzburgerLand tourism, so we would like to answer them here for you.

Will a particular event take place? Is there a forecast?

Currently, all events are prohibited until the end of June. Whether a planned event can and will take place after that is not yet uniformly decided. Some events have already fixed a postponement to a later date, while others are still waiting to see how the situation develops. We therefore ask you for patience and to check the respective websites of the events. All organisers continue to monitor the situation closely in order to be able to follow and implement the guidelines prescribed by the health authorities and the government as and when they are decided.

Where can I find answers to cancellation conditions?

In this case, legal advice or a generally valid statement is unfortunately not possible. Please always contact your booked accommodation for a personal and individual support of your request as the first step.
We kindly ask for your patience. Due to the necessary measures taken at very short notice, we are currently unable to provide information on specific legal questions. (The written decree is currently still in preparation, only once it is ready can lawyers also get a concrete picture).

The European Consumer Centre in Austria has set up a hotline for this particular situation. Please contact the experts there on: +43 1 5887781 or online at: or in Germany:

Where can I find up-to-date information on the Corona Virus in Austria and in SalzburgerLand?

The Austrian Ministry of Health informs on its website about the current spread of the Corona Virus worldwide and about the current situation in Austria. Official Coronavirus information page of the Austrian Ministry of Health.

Regional information from State Salzburg can also be found here: Corona information page of the state of Salzburg

How do I identify symptoms of the Corona Virus infection?

A Corona Virus infection usually shows with mild symptoms of a common cold. Common signs of infection include, among others, a fever, cough, shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing. In more severe cases, however, the infection can also cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death.

How do I behave if I suspect an infection?

In this case, please contact the Austrian-wide health service directly and exclusively by telephone on the number 1450.
Be sure to avoid public spaces, do not visit a doctor’s office and do not use public transport.


Makartplatz Magnolien © SalzburgerLand Tourismus, Michael Groessinger

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