Bauernherbst Top Events

A fun-filled programme of around 2,000 events

When the fog stays longer in the valley and the nights are noticeably colder, when the forests show themselves in all their splendour, the morning dew is already turned into frost high up on the mountain and the Alpine summer cows are begging to be brought down from the mountain pastures, this is when the Fifth season starts, the Bauernherbst season.

Bauernherbst-Festivals 2017

A huge festival at the end of August is seen as the official opening of Bauernherbst and is followed up by a fun-filled programme of around 2,000 events. Bauernherbst is a time for celebrating old farming customs and traditions and sampling regional cuisine.

Official Opening Festival 2017

The official county opening festival will take place on Saturday 26th August, 2017 in Wagrain-Kleinarl. Visitors can expect on this weekend a colourful programme of traditional music, a big harvest festival parade, a farmers market, herb stands as well as customs and handicrafts shows.

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