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NH Hotel Salzburg City


© NH City Salzburg, Hotel mit beleuchteten Fenstern 


NH Hotel Salzburg-City is located in the center of Salzburg's Old City and close to Mirabell Gardens, making it an ideal base to reach your tourism or business destinations.


  • This business is certified accessible for the:
  • mobility impaired1 Rating point(s)
  • Wheelchair Users1 Rating point(s)
  • visually impairedx Rating point(s)
  • blind2 Rating point(s)
  • hard-of-hearing2 Rating point(s)
  • deafx Rating point(s)
  • dyslexics and non-German-speakers3 Rating point(s)
  • access to the business

    • Step-less entrance
    • No carousel or rotating doors
    • Wide doorways min. 90 cm
  • car parking

    • Handicapped parking available but not marked
    • close to the building entrance
    • lvel, firm surface
  • reception

    • Part of the reception is not lowered, but alternatively communication while seated is possible (desk available)
    • bright and glare free
  • room / apartment

    limited accessibility
    • 2
  • Barrier-Free Areas
  • Rooms & Sanitary Facilities
    • Entrance
    • Aufzählerstep-less entrance
      Aufzählercard-reader available, height 85-110 cm
      Aufzählerdoorway width min. 80 cm at a 90° angle
      Aufzählertactile room number
      Aufzählerspace outside the room door min. 150 cm
    • Rooms
      limited access
    • Aufzählerwidth of space OUTSIDE SANITARY AREA - min. 100 cm
      Aufzählerwidth of space IN FRONT OF doorway to AND ALONGSIDE BED min. 120 cm
      Aufzählerspace NEXT TO / IN FRONT OF CONTROL SYSTEMS min. 90 cm
      Aufzählerminimum width of doorways 80 cm
      Aufzähler(phone) rings indicated by flashing signals in the room / alternative: mobile No. Alarm audible in the room
      Aufzählercontrols are tactile, though not richly contrasted
      Aufzählercontrols at a height of 85-110 cm (at least 1 electrical outlet)
      Aufzählerbright and glare-free
    • Sanitary Facilities
      limited access
    • Aufzählerstep-less entrance / max. 2 cm threshold
      Aufzählerdoorway width min. 80 cm when open 90°
      Aufzählerdoor does not open into WC and bathroom, or opens into WC but does not impair mobility
      Aufzählerspace in front of washstand - min. 120 cm
      Aufzählerbright and glare-free
      Aufzählernon-slip floor
    • Bathtub
      limited access
    • Aufzähleraids to get in the tub (support rails/handles) present, but do not meet standards
      Aufzählerspace in front of the bathtub 120 cm
      Aufzählerpossible to run water while seated in wheelchair (tub can also be used as a shower)
    • WC Room
      limited access
    • Aufzählerplenty of room (150 x 212 cm)
      Aufzählerfront lip of WC min. 65 cm from the back wall
      Aufzählersupport rails present but do not meet standards (68 - 87 cm, mounted diagonally)
      Aufzählersupport rails protrude 15 - 25 cm over the WC bowl
      Aufzählerheight of toilet seat 42 cm (instead of 46-48 cm)
      Aufzählerno emergency notification system available
      Aufzählerwheelchair clearance below washbasin, legroom
      Aufzählerheight to lip of washbasin 80-85 cm
      Aufzählermirror not directly opposite lip of washbasin, but at eye level when seated 
  • Restaurants / Breakfast Areas
    • Entrance
      limited access
    • Aufzählerstep-less entrance
      Aufzählerdoorways min. 80 cm at 90° angle
      Aufzählerthoroughfares min. 90 cm/150 cm at hallway intersections
      Aufzählerentrances and doorways not sufficiently color-contrasted
    • General Access
    • Aufzählerwheelchair clearance under tables with suitable seating
      Aufzählerbright and glare-free
      Aufzählercommunication not inhibited by loud ambient noise
      Aufzählermenus in contrasting, large, flourish-free script
    • Breakfast area with self-service
    • Aufzählerthoroughfares min. 90 cm
      Aufzählerfood display cases height max. 120 cm
      Aufzählerdishes not clearly labeled
    • Guest Toilets
      limited access
    • Aufzählerguest toilets only with limited access, little space for wheelchair users (recommendation: use toilet in room)  
  • Halls / Stairs / Color Contrast
    • Halls & Main Thoroughfares
      limited access
    • Aufzählerhalls - min. 150 cm
      Aufzählerdoorways - min. 90 cm
      Aufzähleroptically contrasting floors - surroundings
      Aufzählertactile contrast between hall and surroundings / alternative: wall orientation aids
      Aufzählerequipment does not protrude into thoroughfares / or visual / tactile markings
      Aufzählerbright and glare-free
      Aufzählerno optical contrast between stair lips and surfaces,, marking of stair lips
      Aufzählerno optical or tactile contrast between flooring at head of stairs and adjacent flooring
      Aufzählercontinuous hand rail on at least one side of the stairway (hand rails do not extend 30 cm beyond the first-last step)
    • Elevator
      limited access
    • Aufzählerstep-less / accessible via max. 1 step / alternative: ramp with max. 6% incline
      Aufzählerspace in front of elevator min. 120 cm deep / from stairways min. 150 cm
      Aufzählernarrow-side door min. 80 cm wide
      Aufzählercabin depth min. 140 cm
      Aufzählercabin depth 107 cm
      Aufzählermirror (interior) installed across from the lift door
      Aufzählerhorizontal controls, height 85-110 cm, min. 40 cm from corners
      Aufzählertactile controls
      Aufzählerno 2-senses emergency notification system
      Aufzählerbright and glare-free
    • Color Contrasts
      limited access 
    • Aufzählercontrols tactile and but not rich in contrast
      Aufzählerentrances and doorways partially color-contrasted
      Aufzählerall-glass doors without contrasting stripes
      Aufzählerno good light-dark contrast on signs (lettering - background)
      Aufzählertactile room No. / info for functional rooms / spaces
      Aufzählerimportant info very legible, large script without flourishes Aufzählerinfo presented on matt paper
  • Additional Amenities
    • limited access
    • Aufzählerstaff trained / experienced
      Aufzählerservice dogs allowed
      Aufzählerhotel navigation system utilizing symbols
      Aufzähler24-hr. service
      Aufzählerbusiness reachable on public transportation
      Aufzählerintercom service on the driveway
      Aufzählercovered handicapped parking / in our parking garage
      Aufzählerluggage transported to the guest room
      AufzählerSMS contact for deaf guests
      Aufzählerlighting controls within reach of the bed
      Aufzählerterraces/balconies handicapped-accessible
      Aufzählersimple descriptions next to controls
      Aufzählerinformation about excursion opportunities presented in easily understood, large, clear form
      Aufzählerservice staff take their time with guests /read information out loud
      Aufzählerwheelchair-accessible hiking / walking paths
      Aufzähleroutdoor providers with special offers for people with disabilities
      Aufzähleroutdoor areas handicapped accessible (by mobile ramp)
      Aufzähleraccess to terrace via a ramp and 3 steps, mobile ramp required, access from seminar rooms via one low step.


Tourismus Ges.m.b.H.
  1. Wiener Bundesstraße 23
    A- 5300 Hallwang

    Tel.: +43 662 6688 0
    Fax: +43 662 6688 66
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