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experience art and culture in Salzburg

Kulturhaus Nexus, © Saalfelden Leogang Touristik GmbH, Aussenaufnahme bei Nacht

Whether sensual or provoking, well known or new, unusual or familiar: In Salzburg's numerous galleries, art is shown in all of its wonderful facets.

Art of all genres is presented at Salzburg's galleries in a stylish setting. Paintings, sculptures, installations - the gallery world of SalzburgerLand is famous for the breadth of its spectrum. Of course, it doesn't always have to be about pure art: antique and jewelry galleries can prove to be an irresistible temptation at times. Fans of technology, on the other hand, feel completely at home in Hangar 7 - where historic planes and modern art come face to face.

Gallery Highlights in SalzburgerLand
During your visit to SalzburgerLand, why not embark on a short journey around the world: international photographers, graphic artists, sculptors and painters show deference to Salzburg's galleries, as do regional artists. African art, too, is just waiting to be discovered - for example, at Galerie matombo in the Kaiviertel section of Salzburg. At Kunsthaus Nexus in Saalfelden, you will be able to experience contemporary music in combination with sculptural art and architecture, presented in a very unique way.

Browse our overview of fascinating galleries in SalzburgerLand!

  • Galleries in Salzburg
  • BV-Berchtholdvilla
  • The Professional Association of Visual Artists in Austria presents rotating theme exhibitions.
  • Galerie 5020 
  • Roomy exhibition spaces complemented by a cozy library and reading room in the heart of Salzburg's historic old town.
  • Galerie Academia
  • Gallery presenting challenging exhibitions on different floors.
  • Galerie Altnöder 
  • This gallery's specialty is an exhibition of works by Alfred Kubin. Great emphasis is placed on acquisitions and the expansion of the collection!
  • Galerie Fotohof
  • Founded in 1981, visitors are able to experience photography as a social document.
  • Galerie im Traklhaus
  • A wide variety of exhibitions are presented in a traditional setting.
  • Galerie matombo 
  • Experience African art and culture in the Kaiviertel section of Salzburg.
  • Galerie Nord Sam 
  • Paintings, sketches and sculptures by renowned artists here on the outskirts of Salzburg City.
  • Galerie Ruzicska 
  • Contemporary art and sculpture by international artists in a modern setting.
  • Galerie Seywald
  • Gallery bathed in natural lighting, its focus being young art, as well as classics of Austrian and international sketching.
  • Galerie Thaddeus Ropac
  • Founded in 1983, the focus here is on European and North American contemporary art.
  • Galerie Weihergut
  • True to their motto "Seeing is thinking", here you will experience art which causes you to think.
  • Galerie Welz 
  • Tradition-rich, private gallery with regularly rotating exhibitions and their own art bookstore.
  • Hangar-7 Art & Airplanes 
  • Innovative approach to the whole theme of art - experience the work of young artists in a unique setting.
  • LEONARDIarte
  • A gallery in the Lungau with Italian roots, primarily dedicated to painting and photography.
  • Neuhauser Kunstmühle 
  • Artistic production of prints, spatially combined with the gallery itself.
  • Nexus Kunsthaus Saalfelden 
  • Center of contemporary music with a stylish cafe in Saalfelden.
  • Salzach Galerien
  • An art bazaar alongside the Salzach, where there is so much to discover.
  • Salzburger Kunstverein
  • Where art is produced, communicated and presented. Between artists and the public there is always a lively exchange.
  •  Galerie Trapp
  • Galerie Trapp specializes in contemporary painting, drawing and sculpture with regular exclusive exhibitions by young and established artists.


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