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Krimml Waterfalls

The highest waterfalls in Central Europe

Krimmler Wasserfall, © SLT

308 meters high

Then Austria's only natural monument, Krimml Waterfalls was awarded the Council of Europe's Diploma for Nature Conservation back in 1967.

The first stage - the Upper Falls - drops some 140 metres. Then comes a short flat segment, known as the "Schönangerl", from which the second "Middle Achenfall" stage plunges down another 100 metres. The third tier, the "Lower Achenfall", is more than 140 metres in height. 

Krimml Waterfalls - Nature instead of medications

The extraordinarily fine mist from Krimml Waterfalls, in combination with a health-oriented vacation in Oberpinzgau, is not only able to reduce allergic asthma, it can also relieve symptoms completely for months at a time.

Read more at: Hohe Tauern Health

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